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Indore Development Authority



Town and country planning office, Bhopal, has been preparing the master plans for Indore. The role of IDA is to implement the master plan. The present master plan is proposed for the year 2011. There are proposals related to development of residential properties in Indore, new links in the present transportation network etc. The master plan gives only the proposal; IDA works out the methodology of its implementation.


For the preparation and implementation in accordance to expansion of the Indore city Govt. has passed bill in the year 1924 as "City Of Indore Improvement Act" for the implementation of the above act CITY IMPROVEMENT TRUST had been formed. In the year 1938 Mr. Stamper, consultant Bombay Govt. had been invited to give his suggestions for city improvement. He submitted his report on development and Government accepted the suggestions given by him and accordingly city improvement works had been started.


After independence in the year 1948 Madhya Bharat state had been formed and for all improvement trust of the state and act " Madhya Bharat Nagar Sudhar Vidhan (2/1956) had been passed and on 15th august 1956, all the works related to old all trust handed over to new trust. Previously there were 9 trustees, in the trust after independence in the new act of 1956 trustees were introduced


Until 1973, the city had a ’City Improvement Trust’, to assist the Indore municipal body in its development activities. In 1973, the Improvement Trust was converted into Indore Development Authority (IDA). Under the Madhya Pradesh Town and Country Planning act , 1973. Primarily, IDA develops new residential areas. Primarily, IDA develops new residential areas. During the early stages of development of such areas, IDA was responsible for developing basic infrastructure. Once a sizable number of plots are sold, the area is formally transferred to IMC , which is then responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure in the areas. So far, four residential colonies developed by IDA have been handed over to IMC with legal formalities.The area like Mahalakshmi Nagar, Kanadia Road, Sapna Sangeeta Road, By Pass Road, Vijay Nagar etc are in very high rated area for residential purpose now.


For example, there are proposals related to residential development in the fringes. The plans for these fringe areas are being prepared by architects of IDA.


A number of alternatives are available, and then the first job is to choose the correct alternative, second is look at the practicality of the projects. If a housing scheme is prepared, the very first point is that who will accommodate in that site. Secondly what commercial activities might be developed there. The provision for the physical connection of the scheme with the city, i.e. transportation facilities is taken into the account. Provision of water supply, sewage lines and electricity, plan for all is worked out in IDA.


The symbol of urbanization, which is directly perceived by common people, is "the development of land in an organized manner". The common people do the investment in this activity. IDA provides a platform for people to participate in the development. IDA sells the plots in the scheme. IDA provides the land at reasonable prices. And it is generally safe measure to invest in the land in an authorized colony. These colonies are well planned, and well furnished with all the facilities and utilities.


The function of IDA is to control and regulate the development. If the private developers make plans for any institutional, residential or any other area, then they are required to be approved by IDA. If the plan does not meet the requirement of existing proposal of the master plan then it is not given the approval. In case if the matter is not solved by the IDA then it goes to the TCPO.


Ongoing Projects


A couple of projects are proposed and planned by IDA. These are:


One of the most severe problem is with the road between Chhawani square and Agrasen square. This road is narrow and the bridge over river Khan is also narrow. This creates congestion in traffic. IDA has prepared a project over widening of road and bridge. The work has been started. One more plan of constion of 9 m has been started. The expected expence is about 1.00 Crore. Considering the traffic problem the roads are widened just double of their existing width. One shopping mall is also proposed near this bridge.


The new roads include :


In the latest proposals of IDA, it is going to develop the city gardens and beautification of the city. The first city garden amongst these