5 Point Checklist For Finding The Best Builder

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5 Point Checklist For Finding The Best Builder

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments for most of the people. After buying a piece of land would a trusted builder is also required to get started with the construction work. People try all means to get the most professional builder in town who is capable of working as per their specific requirements. Additionally, with so many disquieting stories of unscrupulous builders of cheating and abandoning the projects mid-way doing rounds, it has become all the more crucial that you choose the right builder for your property construction work. Here’s a five-point checklist that will help you find the best builder. Have a look.

Access Your Needs To Determine What Type Of Builder You Need
Before getting any deeper into finding a builder, it is important that you access your needs first in order to know what type of builder you need. Once you have your requirement list ready, you can determine whether you need a general builder or a specialist for some unusual task. You need to find a builder who would render high-quality services at a low price. Approaching a builder too soon, too quick, without knowing what you actually require from him may land you a price much higher than the logical quote. Builders can quote a better price when they know what’s required of them.

Research, Get References & Create A List
Once you have accessed your needs and decided the type of builder required, it’s time you start researching for the perfect one. There are various real estate portals where you can find the top real estate developers in India or even the best builders in India. You can even get references from the people who have gotten the services of a builder recently. While doing your research, check the history of the company, their physical business location, their projects, their specialization, and their ratings on various local business forums to get the perfect match for your needs. Get a list ready with the suitable builder names to make it easy for filtering out to the best name.

Check For Licenses, Warranties & Insurance
You have the list of probable builders you feel could be right for your job. The next step is to decide on one name. To do that, you’ll have to perform an even stricter research. You will have to check the builders to know whether they have the right licenses required for working in your country, state or city. The builder should also be ready for a written warranty to take care of any type of repair or other settlements required to be done within the warranty period. In addition to that, you should also check whether the builder has worker’s compensation and liability insurance in case any type of accident takes place while working. You do not want to be the one paying for all the expenses in case of any unfortunate event.

Go Through The Completed As Well As In-Process Projects
The best way to judge a builder is simply by looking at the projects he/she has completed in the past. You can go through their brochure and plan a visit to the projects that they’ve completed in the past. If possible, you can also talk to the clients for whom they’ve worked in the past to know the best about their working standards and etiquettes. Moreover, you can also visit their in-process projects to see the workmanship and the quality of materials used in the construction work. This would help you get an idea of the type of work the builder would perform on your property too.

Be Clear About The Time And Cost
Many builders start a project with a specific deadline and set cost but may take much longer than the committed time or ask for extra money for the construction of petty works. Be clear about the time duration and the end cost in the very beginning. However, make sure that you have an open mind and are a bit flexible to any add-on expense for important additions. One thing to keep in mind is also that you should refrain from being tempted by low-price bids. They may be tempting in the beginning but you need to keep in mind that such builders might play with the quality of the service.

Finding good builders in India need not be a hard roe to hoe. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to find the best builder for your real estate needs at affordable price. Just take your time to study and compare every builder and don’t hurry into any decision.

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    Rimjhim Aggarwal

    30 July, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Great insight! However, as per my understanding, one can take a deep look at some of the previous projects completed to analyze and take the final decision. Thanks!

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  • Admin

    Vishal Shekhar

    30 July, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    Great blog post to be sure! And, I agree with your suggestions completely. Before finding the best builder, one needs to take a close look on all the mentioned topics. Thanks a lot.

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    Siddharth Mori

    20 January, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    Thanks for this useful tips, nice information.

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  • Admin

    Atul Dey

    11 January, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    I believe that the selection of best builder should be the first priority of buyers. While the buyers search in the list of the top real estate builders in Kolkata, they should keep in mind the points mentioned in this blog. For me, this is an immensely helpful blog!

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