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8 Things To Need To Know About Delhi Development Authority

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The Delhi Development Authority, aka DDA, is known among the people of the national capital of India for the new housing schemes that it launches every year. While we all have heard, read or visited the LIG, MIG, or HIG flats allotted by DDA and concluded that DDA is all about that, there is more to this authority than just offering affordable houses. It takes care of the complete infrastructural development of the city, its greenery, sports complexes, land disposal, land management, horticulture, etc. For those living in India, especially Delhi, it is imperative to know the role that DDA plays in boosting the modern infrastructure of Delhi and elevating it to the top to compete with the most developed national capitals across the globe. That said; here are some interesting things one needs to know about the Delhi Development Authority.

  • The Delhi Development Authority was launched in the year 1955. It was created under the provisions of the Delhi Development Act and seeks to "promote and secure the development of Delhi". This was the first development authority to be created in India post-independence. All the other development authorities of other states take inspiration from DDA and follow its model.
  • Since its creation in 1955, the Delhi Development Authority has been launching various housing schemes to enable people to buy/sell Delhi properties. In the past sixty and more years of its working, this authority has offered affordable housing to over 11 million people in the country’s capital and its neighboring regions. This accounts for around half of the population of the city.
  • Known for offering housing opportunities, the Delhi Development Authority has a number of other departments that take care of other development works like vigilance, city planning, urban heritage, land management, horticulture, engineering, land disposal, biodiversity parks, etc.
  • It became operational two years post its creation in 1957 and has been known for offering budget-friendly accommodations to people belonging to the economically weaker section and the lower-income and middle-income groups. While DDA houses might be one of the most affordable ones while purchase, some decades down the line, the value of these properties appreciate drastically and might even be greater than non-DDA flats or apartments in the same area.
  • The first Master Plan of DDA was rolled out in 1962 to improve the infrastructure of the city. This Master Plan was revised in 1982. After a gap of almost two decades, Delhi Development Authority launched its second Master Plan in the year 2001. The current master plan, Master Plan 2021, is in process and would soon see its completion.
  • The Greens department of the Delhi Development Authority ensures that the number of trees is always in abundance. Almost 19% of the city’s landscape is covered with trees and greenery. Despite the high carbon emission in the city, it is still counted as one of the greenest capital cities in the world. DDA takes care of the 25 city forests, four regional parks, 28 playfields, 111 district parks, 225 neighborhood parks, and 12 sports complexes. It maintains them with complete dedication to ensure Delhi remains among the greenest cities.
  • The housing department now launches a new DDA housing scheme every other year to fulfill the dream of housing for all by 2022. The application for all types of DDA housing units sees a huge turnout and the houses are allotted according to a lucky draw system.
  • Not just residential, the Delhi Development Authority has also improved the commercial real estate of the national capital. It has developed 22 industrial estates in the city. In addition to that, there are 36 commercial centers, 9 shopping complexes, 440 convenient shopping centers, and 134 local shopping centers in Delhi. This has not just made it easy for the people to get their desired items from nearby stores or market but it has also helped in providing business opportunities to many.

Delhi Development Authority has been extending its hands and deploying many resources for the overall development of the national capital. Without the initiatives taken by this authority, Delhi would not have seen such drastic development in terms of infrastructure, greenery, housing schemes, land management, sports complexes, etc.

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