There are 3 steps to the internet lead becoming an engaged client

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There are 3 steps to the internet lead becoming an ‘engaged client’ –

  • Generate traffic to website.
  • Capture lead with compelling offer/service.
  • Incubate lead until personal contact is made.

You do the rest.

No traffic, no lead, no deal.

Content is so important when it comes to driving traffic to your site. Beyond terms such as ‘real estate,’ ‘sacramento,’ ‘homes for sale,’ ‘realtor,’ ‘mls’ etc that you feel will be your ticket to being found in the search engines, it can be the unexpected that will bring your next lead.

There’s only room for 10 sites in the top 10 for any given search.

If you aren’t in the top 10 for something as exciting as ‘Sacramento real estate,’ I’ve got bad news for you: it ain’t happening.

But there’s some great news for real estate bloggers.

Filling your site full of unique (written by you) content on a regular basis will broaden your exposure with every word you type. Sure the traffic won’t be as specific as someone doing a search for ‘sacramento real estate,’ but the more traffic you drive to your site, the better your odds are at generating leads.

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