Guidelines for Restarting Construction after Lockdown

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Once the lockdown is lifted there are going to be a lot of big infrastructure projects which would need some immediate activity of construction. After the lockdown is over the government has allowed some amount of real estate India construction work can be done in the areas which are not COVID-19 hotspots. Although, this can only be done with maintaining strict guidelines for social distancing. And only the locally available contradiction workers can work on the site.

Construction works that were supposed to be completed in 2020 and also the ones which are near completion should be completed first. This will generate a positive flow of cash. The construction activity which will be carried out in the non-hotspots should be done under maintenance of proper guidelines. The developers should always focus on starting with those construction works which are already close to completion.

Maintain Social Distancing In the Real Estate Sector-

  • The fresh guidelines have clearly stated that all the developers must ensure that all the sites will maintain social distancing and perform basic hygiene and take precautions.
  • Companies should try to sanitize the sites regularly, they should also provide soap, masks and sanitised to all the workers for keeping themselves clean and safe. All the labourers should stay sanitised, their working area must be sanitised and also the Labour camps should be sanitised.
  • The real estate India projects should be assessed properly all based on the stage of the construction in which they are at that time. Also, when restarting one commercial project it would vary from a residential or even an industrial project.
  • There is more number of labourers deployed for a residential project than in any industrial project. As in the industrial project the main focus is given on the mechanization.

There Will Be Change in the Project Rules-

  1. All the real estate India companies will have to practice social distancing norms. There must be increased screening on the construction sites, Labour camps, buffer zones, and the construction premises. There should be no spread of infection.
  2. For the large projects, the clients will be benefiting by depicting some ambulances on the construction sites. In all the Labour sites there would be a regular visitor of doctors. It is very important to stay prepared. And all these measures will make sure that the work does not get stopped.
  3. It is even more important if the construction sites are opened up in a graded way. Many consultancy firms have advocated that the developers even incense focus on the mechanization and mostly rely on engineered solutions and products.

Key points to be remembered are-

  • The site workers working for the real estate India companies should know these key rules of social distancing.
  • Every worker must stay two metres apart from one another at all times. These are all guidelines set by the government.
  • And this distance must be maintained everywhere, even in the canteen. It would be even better if there was no canteen. If possible shut the canteen and ask all the workers to bring their tiffin.
  • The workers should be properly instructed that when they come to the site there should not be any congestion of the gates.
  • The distance should always be maintained. If possible all the workers should either lucky or drive themselves to the site so that they don’t have to take any public transport.
  • In public transport like bus, train, or whatever, there are different people with different germs around them, so it’s better to avoid any human contact.
  • All the fingerprint scanners and the other systems of security that require touching should strictly be disabled.

These were some of the guidelines, which must be followed in any construction site for avoiding the spread of COVID-19. The Real Estate India Company also supports the maintenance of proper cleanliness and social distancing during this pandemic situation. Maintain the social distancing norms without any fail and keep continuing with your work.

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    09 May, 2020 at 6:02 am

    This is pretty interesting article and is giving a lot of insight about how and what one should do while restarting the construction. Social distancing, practicing self hygiene, using engineer goods, first aid and ambulances available on the spot will be the key factors what one will experience. There has to be extreme level of safety and security practices to be followed.

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