How is the Property Market in India Changing?

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Property Market in India

The Property Market in India has shown a substantial development in the last few years and is bustling with many investors looking forward to gain more from this apparently risk free sector. If we compare Real Estate to other types of investment like mutual funds and equities, then it definitely emerges as a safer option. The chief reason for generation of such interest from buyers is due to the several measures taken by the government to expand Realty Market and make it attractive for buyers from India as well as the world.

Why Indian Property Market?

India has emerged as a strong and growing economy that presents a huge potential for doing business. Many prestigious companies have and still are coming in huge numbers to establish their base here. The reason for their interest can be attributed to the availability of manpower and other amenities but the major reason remains that the property is available easily in prime locations.

Which of the regions are witnessing the maximum growth?

Progress is being seen not only in the metropolitan cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai but also in smaller cities that have seen much progress in terms of infrastructural development.

Which segments are driving this growth?

Some of the segments that have fuelled this growth are the residential, commercial and retail sectors that have led to a swift growth of the Realty Market in India. The increased construction of residential housing complexes, commercial projects and space development for retail like shopping malls and retails chains are attracting many buyers.

What is the role of Government in this?

The Government is majorly responsible for the improvement in the Real Estate scenario, with major changes undertaken to lure Indian as well as foreign buyers. The provision of 100% foreign direct investment has attracted investors to the housing as well as commercial segments.

What about the private sector?

The slashing of home loan interest rates by Private Banks has definitely increased the purchasing power of the masses and led to a substantial increase in the buying of residential as well as commercial property by investors who were afraid to invest earlier. As the Real Estate sector is becoming more organized, many expert Real Estate Developers are becoming engaged in the development of projects around the nation, which constitute development in both Real Estate and infrastructure.

When is the right time to invest?

Now or never-this is the popular phrase floating in the Real Estate Market in today's time. The upward trend of price rise is set to continue because in the near future, there will be more lack of space irrespective of the location, so it is better to buy now and sell later, instead of waiting. The demand-supply gap in the Real Estate Market may be in a state of fluctuation but the Property Market in India will continue to flourish in the times to come. Though restricted to a few sectors yet the Property Market in India presents excellent opportunities for the investors.

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