How to make your Home more valuable & successfully sell a property?

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Selling a house

Selling a house seems an easy task but mind it. it is not, If you think that all of a sudden you will decide upon selling a house and you will get the desired amount for it, sorry to say the chances are fairly low. There are certain things that one needs to do before letting the house on sale. This all is done in order to make the house presentable in front of the buyers thereby enhancing its market value. You want to know what all are the things to set right then read ahead..

Repair work

The first & foremost thing you have to do is get all the wear and tear repaired. The repair work includes:

  • Painting work: Flaky paint or patches on the wall greatly reduces the show of the house and thus affect its rates. So, they need to plaster well.
  • Windows and Shelves- Broken glasses of the windows and other glass shelves or racks should be replaced. If they are jammed then get them repaired.
  • Door handles and locks- Ensure that all the door handles and locks are working properly and if not then get them repaired.
  • Plumbing work- Taps, showers and other sanitary ware need to be checked for any kind of leakage. Call a reliable plumber and get all the plumbing repair work done.
  • Roof: Ensure that there is no leakage in the roof as it cuts down a lot of price.
  • Lights & bulbs: Always ensure that the bulbs and other light sources of the house are properly working. If not then get them fixed.


More attractive the house looks more appropriately you get the returns on it. So, renovation work has to be carried out in order to increase the face value of a house. Following are the areas where renovation needs to be done:

  • Wood work- house with attractive and well-maintained wood work is always preferred and is priced higher.
  • Flooring- Seeing the contemporary demands, flooring of a house should be up-to-date. Use of tiles, marbles etc. add life to the flooring.
  • Paint- Market is flooded with a variety of enamel, oil and textured paints. A house that is suitably painted is alluring and appealing to the buyers.


The trend nowadays is to buy a well-furnished house. So, if you are selling a house make sure that you provide it along with all the necessary furniture and appliances. This also lets you earn extra money from your sale.

Presenting the House to the Buyers:

The way you present your house to the buyers plays an important role in the selling process. Ensure few things:

  • The house is neat and free from all kind of bad odors
  • Floors are clean
  • Put on the lights so that the house looks illuminated
  • Open up the windows if the air is fresh
  • Make the buyers have a look at all the appliances

The above mentioned are essential things that require a seller's due consideration. So, kindly fix all the things in place and then only let the buyers visit the house. We assure you that if all the things that are mentioned in the write up are properly looked after then you are sure to crack a lucrative deal.

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How to make your Home more valuable & successfully sell a property?

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