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"I may be old enough but if you fight me this time, I am not letting you in my tree house".

Lucky are those who get a chance to dwell in the arms of leafy branches and cherish the prepossessing beauty of the Mother Earth. The very thought of living in a tree house fascinates an adult as much as it amuses a kid. Here are few of the most spectacular tree houses around the world. The sight of these gorgeous tree houses will arouse the child inside you.

1.) Tongabezi Lodge Treehouse, Livingstone, Zambia tongabezi lodge treehouse

Located on the bank of Zambezi River, Tongabezi Lodge Treehouse offers its visitors a breathtaking view of Zambezi River running past its window. The bliss of waking up to the sight and soothing sound of the river is peerless.

2.) Too High Tea House, Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan too high tea house

A Tea House Too High' is built on top of three chestnuts trees. It is popularly known as Takasugi-an. This one of a kind tea-tree house is accessible only by ladder, and a delicious tea is served inside to the visitors. It was constructed by the architect Fujimori, who is popular for his innovative and quaint designs.

3.) Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand redwoods treehouse restaurant

Redwood Treehouse Restaurant was constructed as a part of marketing campaign for Yellow Book. Who knew the amateur entrepreneurs will end up creating something so beautiful and stunning. The tree house was built in 66 days and is considered to be a perfect place for a romantic getaway.

4.) The Witch House, Ibiza, Spain

the witch house

The Witch House is built by the famous tree house designer Pete Nelson. Beautiful field of the tree house is captivating, and the round windows add to the charm of the architecture. This magical creation was built on an Aleppo pine using locally available material.

5.) The Sustainability Tree House, Summit Bechtel Reserve, Mount Hope, West Virginia the sustainability tree house

This stunning tree house was constructed for educational pursuits, and to serve as a place of gathering to learn about the ecosystem. The place showcases the efficient usage of sustainable technology. Sustainability tree house has its own energy, waste and water management done by the use of photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and a water cleansing system.

6.) Bialsky Tree House, Bridgehampton, N.Y. bialsky tree house

A quaint tree house located in Bridgehampton, N.Y. known for its whimsical design. Balsky Tree House will remind you of one of those tree houses in Tolkien's novels. The tree house is made from recycled wood and appears as a perfect hideout place every kid dreams of.

7.) Temple of the Blue Moon, Fall City Road Southeast, Issaquah, United States temple of the blue moon

Temple of the Blue Moon, located in Tree House Point in Issaquah, is one of the many tree houses designed by Pete Nelson. It is a perfect hideout place close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The grounds are beautiful with awesome hikes nearby.

8.) The Secret Garden Seattle, Washington the secret garden

Located in the arms of lush green trees, The Secret Garden is a perfect place for a getaway into the woods. The tree house offers you a breathtaking view of the scenic beauty the area possess and is well equipped with modern amenities like electrical power, an alarm system, and temperature control equipment. These are a few of the magical creations around the world many of us didn't think existed. All the above-mentioned tree houses are well furnished and provide modern facilities to the visitors. Plan your next vacations in one the tree houses and give life to the dream you harbored as a kid.

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