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Home decor trends for 2018 are hot in discussion. Like every year interior decorators are set with a lot of variety and innovation to set trends for 2018. While trends like rose gold, subway tiles, and exposed lighting were prevalent in most of the houses last year, this year is expected be more about rustic decor and tropical floral prints. Below, we have compiled a list of the most popular home decor trends that would be a signature style of the top interior decorators in India throughout the year. The top predictions for home decor in 2018 are:

Welcome Back, Floral Designs!
The floral prints went unnoticed for a long period of time but they have made a comeback in 2018. This time, it is not about the old feminine, pastel pink colored floral prints. Now, the floral prints have become bold, abstract, and outlined with black. A combination of bold floral painted walls and negative space or and light paint on remaining walls would be a top trend. These prints not only make the place look calm and soothing but also add a natural touch to the house. You can see some trending floral designs for home decor on Instagram, Flickr, INK361, and other photo sharing sites.

Let Furniture Make The Statement
Furniture covers a sizable space in homes. The couches, bed, chairs, tables- their presence matters. 2018 might see a shift in the choices of color and material of the furniture. The monochromatic couches and chairs can be replaced by the bold colored sofas and chairs. And do not forget that nothing is as luxurious as the velvet material. As per the interiors decorators in India, the velvet furniture like couches in bold colors are expected to be in upcoming home decor trends.

T For Textures
When the house interiors embrace the beautiful seasonal textures, more charm is added to it. You just need to play with the textures and materials to make the home interiors appear pleasing. Textures not only refer to the wall paint but to knitting art as well. These days, the Macrame is emerging as a great home decor trend. If you’re not in favor of adding any painting on a wall then Macrame is the apt choice.

Black & White Decor
Believe it or not but the combination of black and white is a timeless design trend. The visual contrast of these evergreen colors has a great potential for providing the boldness and balance to house interiors. Any room of the house can appear amazing if it dons the black & white combo. Well, home decors trends 2018 indicate that many property owners would be availing interior decorating services to add this contracting tone to their homes soon.

It is time to bid adieu to minimalism. Stuffed to the gills of contrasting patterns and prints, maximalism is the forthcoming trend that we may get to see in 2018. If you wish to give an amazing retouch to the house interiors then maximalism can bear the fruits for you. And do not worry about the decorating style. Whether it is Bohemian, Victorian or any other, maximalism has the capability to beautify the house interiors in various ways.

Colorful Houseplants- Present Please
They’re affordable, attractive, and have the potential to beautify any corner. Yes, it is true that people are returning to the installation of houseplants. Since they can be swapped in different corners of the room, they enhance its visual appeal. Red Aglaonema, Fittonia, and Croton are widely installed because they have a tendency to reduce the stress. People are being more sensitive and concerned for having healthier air inside their home and this is pushing the trend of having more plants in home decor.

Smart Gadgets
Forget about the fridges and televisions because they’re too mainstream. Take a look around and you can spot other smart gadgets like door locks, wall switches, sensor-equipped lamps and aroma diffuser etc. Such gadgets will offer a futuristic look to your home for sure. Having smarter gadgets is definitely hot in home decor trends of 2018.

These are some top home decor trends 2018. By following such trends (or trends like them), a fantastic makeover can be given to the house interiors. Keep visiting to know more tips and trends for home decor.

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    Home decoration is nothing but a complete innovation. And, it needs a good approach to get it done. Thanks for the post and helping us in this regard.

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