Some Important Vastu Tips For Kitchen

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According to Vastu Shastra

Vastu is a proven science, which has brought prosperity to many homes and provided effective remedies on various issues to many. It is widely believed that Vastu helps to balance energy in the kitchen. Hence, it is advised by many to plan your kitchen according to Vastu. Today, many real estate builders and developers are offering Vastu compliant kitchens or buildings as a part of their project. Vastu is believed to usher peace and happiness in the life of the residing families.

The Vastu Shastra principles dictate specified directions and facing of each component of the kitchen and any alterations in these can lead to Vaastu defect or Vaastu Dosha. Here are few important points to be considered, while making a kitchen, Vastu compliant:

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should not be placed under or above Pooja Room, Toilet, or Bed Room.
  • Kitchen should be located in south-east of the home as fire prevails in south-east direction.
  • The kitchen door should open in North, North East or East direction in clockwise manner.
  • The cook should face the East or North to avoid any financial losses.
  • The cooking stove must be placed in the South East corner (the place of Lord Agni).
  • Fire and water do not go together. Therefore, Vaastu recommends that your sink and taps should not be close to the cooking stove.
  • If your refrigerator is kept inside the kitchen, then it should be placed in the South West direction.
  • Vaastu recommends south-east directions for electrical appliances.
  • According to Vaastu, any toilet or bathroom should not share a common wall with your kitchen.
  • The Dining table should be in the North West.
  • While taking food one should only face towards east or north for good digestion.

The kitchen is an important part of any home and it is therefore essential that it is constructed and designed the right way. The tips mentioned here will surely help you to do so and attract positive energies at all times.

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    Ricky Smith

    31 August, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home. It is believed that the energy we take in the form of food, the same energy develops our mind and the overall personality. So, it is necessary to look after the kitchen and the surrounding area. Thanks.

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    Dip Kumar

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    The area of kitchen must be Vastu-friendly in order to avoid health related problems. People have experienced it and suggested for the same. Your tips are just excellent in every possible way. Thanks.

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    Raju Yadav

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    I think we all should care this things. It's very effect on our life. Vastu suggestion is well for our life. If any body want to buy home should care this words. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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