Taking House for Rent in India - Tips for Taking Property for Rent

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With the stooping economy rate, Real Estate Sector has witnessed a constant rise. The property rates tend to increase every single day. This current situation disables a common man to have his own house. Also, migration of the people for better job opportunities and student's migration to different cities for higher education has greatly increased the demand of rented houses. But taking a house on rent is a troublesome issue. A tenant has to consider a lot of things before deciding upon a house. Budget constraints, right location of the house etc. are the some of the major concerns of the tenant. Here we offer you some useful tips that will help you find a rented house easily and enable you to tackle with the landlord or other rent related issues.


Area: Selecting an appropriate area for your accommodation should be your foremost step. You must check that the place you choose should be equipped with all the basic necessities and have a good infrastructure. The facilities that have to be ensured are:

  • Water supply
  • Power supply
  • Medical facilities
  • Transport system
  • Market

If you have a family then you have to assure that there is a school nearby or proper transportation to schools at a distance. The rent of the house is fixed as per its locality so area plays an important role.

Finding property: After deciding upon the area what poses as a problem is searching the rented house in the chosen area. There are various options through which you can find a rented house:

  • Classified ads
  • Real estate websites
  • Real estate consultants or brokers ( have to pay them a commission i.e. usually rent of1 month)

Conduct a survey of the house: If you have selected a rented house then the next important step that has to be taken by you is to carry out a thorough survey of the house.

  • Go and talk to the neighbors and try to know whether all the basic amenities are available
  • Try to know about the landlord and his behavior towards the others
  • Check for the safety arrangements
  • Check whether there is any repair work needed

Bargain or negotiate: After satiating yourself regarding the rented house: its location and condition, what you need to do is fix up the rent amount. Do not hesitate in negotiating the rent or the security amount. Before discussing the rent amount get yourself equipped with the current market rates of that particular area.

Legal formalities: After settling all the issues and the rent amount, legal formalities need to be filled out with extra attention. Following are the formalities that need to be completed:

  • Police verification
  • Rent agreement

Read the rent agreement carefully before signing it. Thus following our tips in the same order as we have mentioned them will help you locate and take a suitable rented house at the earliest possible and within your budget.

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