Top 10 Simple Tips To Decorate Your Home

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A home that is welcoming, oozing with a warm ambiance and furnished with the trending home decor items is loved and desired by all. Getting the perfectly stylish and decked-up home does not necessarily require an interior designer or home decorator. Although people keep deferring their plans to remodel their home–decor thinking it is must to hire an interior decorator, invest a lot of efforts, time & money to get a beautifully decorated home. But trust me it is not always that demanding; just a knack for decorating the home and knowledge of the latest interior decoration trends can help you redecorate and revamp your home. And to simplify your job, here is a list of decorating tips that are not just simple and less time-consuming but some of them are really inexpensive. So, keep reading…

Laser Cut Panels As Room Dividers - There are plenty of options available in the market for laser cut panes that can be used as a divider for your rooms. These panels not only make your room look bigger but also add an interesting detail to both the rooms. You can choose from wood, metals, plastic or glass with metal details to suit the setting of your home.

Laser Cut Panels As Room Dividers

Low Furniture & High Rise Curtains To Fake Height - Both high-rise curtains and low furniture work wonders in adding fake height to any room. Vertical designs on the curtains with ripple folds can also be used to give the illusion of higher ceilings. Low-slung back on the couch and other furniture items can have a dramatic effect on the height.

Low Furniture & High Rise Curtains To Fake Height

Give Purpose To The Walls - Blank walls are considered bland nowadays. It is important that you give some purpose to the walls in your house. Adding bookshelves, photo frames, souvenir plates, accents or a large art piece can be a great way to make the walls stand out. You can also transform your wall into a gallery wall by adding a number of photo frames showcasing either your family pictures or motivational quotes.

Give Purpose To The Walls

French Style Mirror As Panels - Adding French style mirror panels as a sectional pattern to the conventional plain mirror glasses is a great way to add space, light as well as life to your room. They look elegant and also give a contemporary look to the house.

French Style Mirror As Panels

Throw Some Bright Pillows - Add a touch of color to the room to enliven the mood of the room by throwing in some bright color pillows. Choose a color that is in contrast with the color of your sofa for the pillows you want in your room. A pop of different vibrant colors would also uplift the room’s ambiance and playfulness.

Throw Some Bright Pillows

Decorative Wall Mirrors - Similar to the mirror panels, decorative wall mirrors can be put on any wall to add purpose and a bit of bling to any wall. Small sized mirrors can be put up on the wall over the bed’s headrest, above the console table or even over the main sofa piece to invite light to the room.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Add Fairy Lights Around The Frames - Fairy lights are the latest trend in the market. From the interior decorating services providers to the home-owners, everyone is using fairy lights to accentuate their rooms. Using fairy lights around the frames is a big hit presently. Moreover, they can also be used to decorate the headrest of the bed, the ceiling, or even plain walls.

Add Fairy Lights Around The Frames

Put Your Best Accents Forward - The best pieces of your home, whether they are small showpieces or lamps or plants, should be used as the highlight accent of your home. Bring them forward and use them to decorate the house. Change their placing and use them as a contrast to the usual colors you see in different places of the room.

Put Your Best Accents Forward

Include Some Floating Furniture Too - Floating furniture is a must-have piece in your home. Whether it is a console table, entertainment cabinet, bookshelf or floating shelves, computer table or a study desk, include at least one piece of floating furniture in your room to give it a spacious and minimalist look. It also balances out the floor space taken up by other furniture items.

Include Some Floating Furniture Too

Throw In A New Rug - A rug or carpet piece is a powerful piece that can add a dramatic effect in your home. By throwing in a new rug, you catch the people’s attention as soon as they enter. Go bold on the floor and use rugs in different patterns, designs, colors, and material to give your room a new look.

Throw In A New Rug

While these were the ten ideas I feel the best and simplest for room decoration, you can find inspiration in the little things around you when you start designing your home your way. Remember, you are the artist with your home as your canvas; create a masterpiece with your creative imagination.

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