Top Five Interior Decorating Tips To Adorn Your New Home

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After months of searching for the perfect home, you’ve finally settled on one. Your are too excited and decided the purpose of each room and what all you’ll take along from the current home to the new one. But one of the most important works is still pending: decorating the new home. Many people rush into decorating their new homes and end up regretting a number of decisions they made. To save any future regrets, you need to be well-prepared on how to decorate the new house before moving in to make it feel like home. To help you out in this mission, we have compiled top five interior decorating tips to adorn your new home. Have a look.

  • Make A Checklist For The Furniture To Buy

Make A Checklist For The Furniture To Buy

Apart from the obvious ones like the bed, table, sofa, and cupboards etc., there are a number of other furniture pieces that need to be bought for your new home. Having a checklist in hand for all the furniture you have to buy would ensure that you have all the important pieces ready while decorating the house. Whether it is the entertainment unit, puja unit, console tables, shelves, bookcases, hanging cases or floating wall shelves, everything should be jotted down on a piece of paper along with the size, dimensions, color, material, style, and design. Set a theme for the house and then visualize the furniture in each room to make a comprehensive checklist.

  • Choose The Right Colors

The first thing you need to do, after buying the furniture, is to decide the color palette for the entire house. As per the size, dimension and natural lighting in the room, you need to decide on the color for every room. Be it the bedroom, living room, bathroom or the kitchen, every room should be given equal time and consideration while choosing the colors of the wall and ceiling. Colors bring a huge change in the appearance of the room. Light colors when chosen for small rooms can make them feel larger and spacious. Similarly, dark colors can be combined with lighter shades used to cut down the extra space, making the rooms in your new home appear even cozier.

  • Blend The Old With The New

Blend The Old With The New

The biggest challenge of decorating a new home is deciding on whether to keep the old items or replace it all with new ones. Whether we talk about the furniture, decorative items, accents, chandeliers, rugs or paintings, it’s not necessary that you replace every item you own with a new one. You can easily mix the old with the new to give a uniquely personal touch to your new house. Place your old items like the family heirlooms or old artworks along with the modern furniture to tell a story. You can also upholster the old pieces with modern fabrics and textures to accentuate your new home.

  • Furnish It In Style

Furnish It In Style

Top interior designers believe that furnishing the house in a different manner can completely change the look of the house. As there are tons of furnishings available in the market in different textures, fabrics, designs, and style, you have plenty of options to make a great choice for your new home. Be it the beddings, cushions, pillows, curtains or the table covers, every furnishing item should be chosen carefully in your home. Play with the colors and use the furnishings like pillows and cushions to add a pop of color to any room. Make sure that all the furnishing accessories you use go with the furniture and paint of the room to accentuate even the dullest corner.

  • Use Carpets & Rugs To Beautify The Flooring

Use Carpets & Rugs To Beautify The Flooring

The right choice and placement of carpets and rugs can add life to any room. Whether you want to make your room look spacious or just add a touch of color to the flooring, a rug would be the best fit. You can either use area rugs to place your furniture on or cover the floor of your house completely in beautiful carpets to give a new look to the floor. You can either place all the furniture pieces on the rug or place the furniture in a way that one leg or the back two legs of each piece stays out of the rug to create a well-defined space in the room.

These were some of the tips that you can use to decorate your new home beautifully. You can even consult the best interior decorators in India and get them to inspect your new home and come up with amazing decorating ideas.

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