Urbanization Vs Real Estate Sustainability in India

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real estate sector in India

Urbanization in India is growing at a very rapid place. The absolute number of poor people living in cities and towns has gone up substantially. People living in rural are shifting to urban areas and because of this change there has been a gross imbalance of rural and urban development.

Increase in Urbanization:

It is being clear that urbanization is going hand in hand with measures to promote real estate sustainability in India. As India's population is growing the growth of municipal waste is proportionate to its economic. To make the situation more worse, by the year 2020, India will be requiring an increase in commercial energy by 2.5%. India is a country chronically short of energy and is already facing problems in meeting its energy needs.

An Industry Divided

The real estate sector in India is of great importance. Despite the ever growing construction activity, awareness of Real estate sustainability in India has significantly lagged behind the west. Even in countries like China which has the largest population in this world is managing its real estate sustainability quite well. Currently the problem in Indian real estate sector occurs because it is divided into two groups of people i.e. the one which take the importance of sustainability seriously and the ones who don't take it seriously. Also the govt. has device many laws for sustainability but the laws of change resistance underline the difficulty in persuading people.

Sustainable buildings are buildings which that are designed built and operated with low environmental, social and economic impact while enhancing the health, welfare and the quality of the life. Owners of these buildings must work together to establish goals, undertake audits and establish where savings and improvements can be made.

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Urbanization Vs Real Estate Sustainability in India

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