Why You Should Own A Property in Piramal Revanta in Mulund West

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Piramal Revanta in Mulund West

When it comes to the topic of advanced cities of India, the name that emerges the most in our mind is none other than Mumbai. Mumbai is the most developedcity that has deliberately made its route into the table of ‘ India's smartest cities' for its flourishing film industry, eye-alluring residential projectsand extraordinary corporate and business organization.

For these reasons, many people want to stay in Mumbai from different corners of the world. This increasing urge to live in Mumbai also boosts the requirements of residential possessions whether it’s luxury or plausible.

Why Select Piramal Revanta
The Piramal Revanta in Mulund West is one of the most high-end luxurious residential properties in the entire Mumbai by renowned developersPiramal Realty located at Mulund West, LBS Road nearby the Nirmal lifestyle Mallin Mumbai. The complex in West Mulund is methodically located in one of the most well-known places in West Mulund, India.

Piramal Revanta in Mulund West is situated in serene and wonderful landscapes that have massive free areas with a lot of greenery. It is a place that anyone would love to be in for life. The relatively low-priced residential flats or apartments are available with a huge display of basic amenities including the following.

  • cafeterias and restaurants
  • CCTV cameras
  • fire distinguished support
  • fire alarm
  • kids playground
  • private terrace
  • lift
  • reserved parking
  • jogging tracks. 

Here in this article, we would discuss the key features and general layout of the Piramal Revanta in Mulund West which make this property worth living. Let’s point out the perks and advantages of having properties in one of the most luxurious residential projects in Mulund West Mumbai.

The Design And Structure
The foremost and supreme characteristic of Piramal Revanta is illustrative and outstanding planning. Located on the huge 8.5 acres of land, Piramal Revantais specially formulated to optimize the available space without arbitrating the solace of the residents. The entire project has 3 residential towers that permit wind and light circulation and make the apartments breezy and healthier.

Each towers contain 50 floor and 1,2,3 BHK flat with a measurement of 459-1270 square feet. There is a garden for senior citizens is located in the middle of all the towers which makes it easily accessible for all the senior citizens. There are different playgrounds for children which also differentiate the varied needs of both children and elderly people.

Another outstanding detail of the planning of Piramal Revantais its 3 level vehicle parking arrangement. This exceptional parking arrangement makes each level compatible with having different entrances for both inhabitants and visitors. No vehicles are authorized onto the area above the 3 level parking which makes it completely accessible for the residents.

Location And Possibilities
As we have already cited that there is no other developed city like MumbaiandPiramal Revantais located in one of the prime locations of West Mumbai. Mumbai is a city full of possibilities in both the academic and employment sectors so a residential possession in a construction like Piramal Revanta can make your investment successful and productive.

Pawar Public School, Oxford High School, St.Xaviers High School and College is located from a 15 minute away from Piramal Revanta. Piramal Revanta havenorth &south connectivity via Eastern Express Highway, western connectivity via SCLR, and eastern connectivity via Airoli to Navi Mumbai.

Resident Friendly
Piramal Revantais designed and constructed  uniquely all the requirements of different aged residents. Separate spaces are created for various age groups, for example, the spaces created for senior citizens has gentle diagonals for preventing any mishaps.

The whole property can be visited by a wheelchair. There are stretcher elevators are available in every tower for quick movement in case of any emergency. For children, there are multiple indoor and outdoor gaming arrangements like pool, squash, swimming and tennis are vacant on the premises.

Care To Little Details
It’s often noticed in most residential projects that they lack little detailing which can create unforeseen and unavoidable inconveniences in future. But Piramal Revantais independent of all these errors.

Piramal Revanta is constructed with curved edges and positioned as far as possible so that the apartment get airy and gleaming at the same time prevent moaning sound created for wind. Another fine detailing is rubber casting for each door which protects the doors and their surroundings.

Impressive Interior
When it comes to the matter of interior decoration no one can beat the interior decorations and accommodation offered by Piramal Revanta. All bathrooms are adorned with high-quality branded fittings, there are open-plan kitchens with a dining room next to them.

The master bedroom is adorned with false ceilings, high-end wooden floorings, and massive wardrobes. In Piramal Revanta VRV cooling method is utilized which offer the residents a grip over the airflow of the AC.

Safety And Security
Piramal Revanta are one of the most efficient constructions that ensures the safety and security of its residents like no other. Piramal Revanta is equipped with all the safety measures like fire alarms, fire extinguishers, highly-abled security guards, water sprinklers, personal identity slips and many more to keep the residents safe and secure from all the natural and man-made accidents.

So, these are all about Piramal Revanta. Piramal Revantain Mulund West offers the most efficient and effective possession like no other in the entire Mumbai. So while investing in one of the most luxurious residential projects in Mulund West Mumbai Piramal Revanta do think back to our article to get a better conception of the property.

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