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Plot No 59, 22/23, Shree Nand Dham, Next To CBD Belapur Railway Station, Sector No 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India

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Project Type : Residential Property
Location : Sankeshwar, Patan,

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Introducing ourselves as a legacy real estate leaden with loads of experience in housing and management services would probably be the conventional way of telling you who we are, but then conventional Is also boring. So here we are with an introduction that will intrigue your senses and fulfill you appetite for serenity and tranquility. We are ushers who guide the elderly to the summit of peace and solitude. Although we started off with real estate and property dealings, we realized that there is a something different that needs to be done. The craving for doing something different gave us the zeal to encapsulate the idea of retirement homes. As a real estate conglomerate, we have ventured into Aurumm, which Is a new beginning for elderly people. We are a professionally managed real estate company that primarily focuses on senior citizens who want to lead a dignified life at the twilight of their successful lives. We are passionate about our work and we incorporate global best practices to usher in new paradigms of excellence.

We strive to provide a living experience that entails recreation, safety, health, community living, wellness and other lifestyle related requirements to senior members of our Society. Due to the rapidly changing social milieu, the concept of senior retirement living Is rapidly growing, yet it still remains untapped business In the Indian subcontinent. With Aurumm, we are not only creating an abode for our seniors, but we are also catering to all their needs to the best of our ability. Aurumm Is all set to offer our seniors a plethora of opportunities to enjoy, engage and explore their lives to the fullest.