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Dholera Real Estate: Key Points To Remember

Smart Cities in India | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 01 Dec, 2020

Dholera is without a question a city of booming real-estate development. Many positive factors are predicted to boom tremendously in the Dholera real estate. In the construction process of the residential projects and townships in ...

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Why Investing in Properties In Dholera is Considered Highly Lucrative?

Smart Cities in India | By: Admin | Last Updated: 21 Nov, 2020

Dholera is now ready to be called as the growth catalyst of Gujarat. This SIR project in Dholera is the reason behind it. Investing in a property in Dholera, Ahmedabad is one of the best choices. This is because there are great adv...

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3 Factors That Are Set To Revive Luxury Real Estate of India

Smart Cities in India | By: Admin | Last Updated: 18 Apr, 2019

Previously, the Indian real estate witnessed a drastic dropdown in the sales of luxury housing in major parts of the country. The last two years brought several regulatory reforms in the real estate of India that includes the final imp...

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Dholera Smart City: A Rising Real Estate Hub

Smart Cities in India | By: Admin | Last Updated: 07 May, 2019

Dholera, a region in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat, is all set to transform into a world-class city with the completion of the Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera SIR) project. Although an ancient port-city, Dholera is rapid...

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