• + How to Register?

    You can register on Realestateindia.com through a simple Registration Process. Click on "Join Now" link available at LINK. Now choose your profile type (Individual, Broker/Agent, Builder/Promoter) and to see the relevant registration form. Remember, registered members of Realestateindia.com can avail membership benefits like List your property and Post your requirements etc.
  • + How much does it cost to register?

    Registration on Realestateindia.com is absolutely FREE! Register now and avail exclusive benefits of membership, available for Individual, Brokers/Agents, Builders/Promoters etc.
  • + How to retrieve in case I forgot my password?

    You can retrieve your password by following below mentioned steps:
    • Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.
    • Provide your username or email (with which you have registered with us.)
    • Realestateindia.com will send you an email. Click on the link mentioned in the email to create new password for your account.
  • + How to change my account password?

    You can change your password by following below mentioned steps
    • Login to "My Account" section
    • Click on "Change Password" link available in "My Profile" section
    • Enter your new password.
    • Re-Enter the new password to confirm.
    • Your new password will be activated immediately.
  • + How to modify my profile?

    Please follow below mentioned steps to modify your profile.
    • Login to "My Account" section
    • Click on "update Profile" link available in "My Profile" section
    • Modify your profile, edit desired information.
    • Now save the changes by clicking on "Update" button
    • Your new profile will be activated immediately


  • + Is registration compulsory to search properties at Realestateindia.com?

    No, you can use search option to find properties, without registering with Realestateindia.com.
  • + How to use different search options?

    We offer following search option methods:
    • Search Property: This search helps you to find properties quickly based on the type of transaction (Buy/Rent), type of property, Location (City) and Budget & features.
    • Search for Agents/Builders: This Search enables you to find agents / builders in particular city chosen by you.
    • Property search by Locality: This search helps you to find properties in the specific locality with types of property you prefer to buy/rent. We have compiled a comprehensive list of localities across major cities & sub cities. We keep on updating this list to serve you better.
    • Advance Search: This search helps you to find a properties owned by the specific buyer.
  • + How are properties sorted on search result page?

    By default on search result page, most recently added property listing are displayed on the top according to city & property by type give by you.
  • + Why "No records found" displayed on search result page?

    "No records found" is displayed when there are no properties listed on Realestateindia.com matching your search criteria.

Add your Property

  • + How to add my property for sale or rent on Realestateindia.com?

    Please click "Post Your Property" link on home page and enter your member details,property type,property location,property details, land mark, property images with amenities specification of your property. Your property listing becomes visible to users of Realestateindia.com after validation of data. Validation of listing is usually completed within 24 hours. After verification your property information will reach the potential buyers and will be display in our relevant city page.
  • + How long will my property listing be valid?

    Your property listing on Realestateindia.com, will be active and visible on search result page for a minimum period of 90 Days for free member and 1 year for paid member. This will ensure you maximum visibility and responses for your property. We will be sending you an intimation before your listing will expire and the listing will not be visible on search result page or city page after this period.
  • + How much does it cost to list my property?

    Listing your property on Realestateindia.com is absolutely FREE. You can post multiple property listings for FREE. However, this is a limited time free offer.
  • + How do I receive responses on my property listing?

    You can receive responses to your listings in following ways:
    • E-MAIL - A send email link is provided in your property listing. Whenever a person interested in your property tries to contact you, an email is sent to your email id registered with us.
    • My Account - Every response to your listing sent to you by email is also saved in your account under My Mail Box.
  • + Why is my property/photograph not visible on the search result page?

    Properties posted by every member undergo a validation process and data is screened before the property listing/photographs are displayed on the site. The validation process usually takes 24 hours after which the property listing appears on search result page
  • + How to edit / add info / modify / remove property listing?

    • Click on the appropriate category (Sale/Rent) in "My Property Details" in "My Account" section after loging in.
    • Again click on Edit / delete in "Manage" section
    • You can modify your property details accordingly.
    • But one property can be update within 48 hours after posting of property for free member. And same facility provide for active member within 5 days of property posting.
    • Then it will activate after approval.
  • + How to lodge a complain or customer satisfaction.

    • After log in click on "Feedback" section
    • Here you can put your complain or any type of suggestions to Realestateindia.com

Post your Requirement

  • + Why should I Post requirement?

    If you couldn't find the appropriate property according to your requirements or you do not like any of the properties displayed matching the criteria then Realestateindia.com team recommends you to "Post Your Requirement". We will send you updates on properties matching your requirements through email.
  • + How to Post my requirement?

    Please follow these easy steps to post your requirement and get updates on matching properties.
    • Fill the form provide in Post Your Requirement form in Index Page.
    • Then "New Requirement" form will be open
    • Provide details of your requirement by filling a simple form in this section.
    • Remember to fill contact details to which responses will be sent.
  • + How much does it cost to Post my requirement?

    Posting your requirement on Realestateindia.com is absolutely FREE. You can post multiple property requirements for FREE.
  • + How do I receive responses for my posted requirements?

    All matching properties to your requirements will be automatically saved in your requirement folder under your account and simenteously it will be send to your e-mail id.

Advertising Solutions

  • + Why should I advertise on Realestateindia.com ?

    Advertise With Us on Realestateindia.com have been designed to help you reach out to a wide audience in a cost-effective way. We have customized solutions to suit Individuals or Individual,Broker/Agent, Builder/Promoter needs, related to listing properties as feature listing, or create banners or free phone call facilities for your company's promotion on Realestateindia.com.
  • + What are the types of advertise options in Real Estate India ?

    We offers the following advertising options:-
    • Banner Advertisement. For details click on Advertise with Us
    • Instant solution for customer's queries Call me Free - Click to Call Free Option in index page
    • Display your properties in the section Hot Properties in the Index Page
    • Show your project in our Feature Projects Section
    • Advertise your company (dealing in real estate) in Feature agent & dealers pages.
    • You can advertise your company name with details in our Real Estate Services Section also. Here companies related to real estate services can advertise in top of the listings of company.
    • In index page you can display your logo of company in Builder Logo Display Section to get quick response to your website.
    • Another attractive feature for advertisement of property is "Premium Listing" section. Here you can post property ads to be featured in our property section with regard to the city you desire.
    • There's yet another option where the advertiser can display the company's name and contact details in Index page under the Agent & Dealers Section.

How customers can protect themselves shopping online

  • + How safe is Credit Card Payment on our websites?

    Making payment through Credit Cards is absolutely safe on our websites. Empowered with SSL Technology, our payment gateway receives credit card information with 128 Bit Encryption. This is the safest and the most trustworthy way to make online transactions. Additionally, there is Zero Scope of Hacking of credit card information on our websites, as we do not store such information with us.
  • + Is It Safe to order Products Online Using my Credit Card or checking information?

    Whenever moving for online purchases, you should check the little 'Lock' icon on the bottom of your web browser. This icon indicates that your personal information will be kept confidential and protected by secure encryption while the same is sent over the internet. As an alternative, you can also check this by moving you cursor on web page and clicking the right-click button of mouse and selecting the 'Properties' from menu. And now, if the web address starts with "https" where an 's' denotes a secure web server, then it is safe for online purchases.
  • + Keep Your Password Confidential

    Online purchases usually necessitate shopper to 'log-in' before placing or viewing an order. For this, shoppers are required to fill in and proceed with a username and a password.

    The shoppers must not share their password with anyone. Information like birth date, maiden name or phone number should be avoided while selecting any password. The password chosen at a particular site should be different from the passwords kept at other site. It is always suggested to keep alpha-numeric password with at least 8 letters in it.
  • + Always Print or Save Copies of Your Orders

    After an online purchase, the shoppers should get a confirmation page that reviews their entire order. The confirmation page should comprise the costs of the order, customer information, product information and the confirmation number.

    It is suggested to keep hard copy/soft copy of the Web Page which describes the details of item(s) ordered along with the page reflecting the company name, postal address, phone number, legal terms, and return policy. Store such records with you for a minimum a period which covers return/warranty policy.

    Generally, the shoppers are emailed with a confirmation message by the merchants. It is necessary to save or print such message, including any other e-mail correspondence with the company.