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Real Estate Brokers are parties who act as a middleman between the buyers and sellers assisting them in price negotiations, transactions, etc. helping both in getting good property deals. At, you can easily find Property Dealers in your locality or in nearby locations. Simply select the state you are residing or you can also search Real Estate Consultants on basis of city, area and location. Contact details of reputed Real Estate Agents from all over India can be easily found in this page along with Real Estate Agents who has recently registered with us. This page is also quite helpful in regard that you can find recent property deals from where you can find the property of your choice.

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FAQ For Real Estate Agents in India

  • Can I negotiate the offer by the seller Through the help of Real Estate Agents?
    Negotiation on the offer by the seller is always possible, especially when a Real Estate agent deals on your behalf.
  • How soon can I start looking at properties after consulting the property dealer?
    Once you explain your requirements with the property dealer, they will give you various options to screen through, you can start looking at the properties.
  • Are the property dealers competent to take care of documentation?
    Yes, Property dealers take care of all the legal documentation and other formalities.
  • What is the estimated brokerage charged by Real Estate Brokers in India?
    The Real Estate Brokers in India commonly charge a fixed percentage of the final deal amount as their brokerage.
  • Is it reasonable to contact Real Estate Consultants for buying a property?
    Yes, you can contact Real Estate Consultants for buying, selling, renting, or leasing any property in India by paying a minimal amount.

How Real Estate Agents Help in Property Transactions?

While many believe that real estate agents have become obsolete, the truth is that their role in property transactions is still going strong. They can help make better property decisions whether you are buying a property, selling one or simply renting a home. There are a number of ways in which real estate agents in India can help you, some of them are:

  • Comparing Properties: When you are buying property, it is imperative that you go through a number of options for comparison instead of settling on the first one. As an individual trying to buy or rent a house, this might be hassling. A real estate agent can offer complete assistance here by comparing the features, aspects, and pricing of the properties.
  • Marketing It: Property dealers in India are not just helpful in making the right purchase decision but also offer their expert assistance in selling a property quickly. They do the marketing work for the property on various real estate listings. Be it through print or online real estate portals, these agents know how to market your property to attract the best buyers.
  • Taking Care Of Paperwork: Whether you are buying property in India, selling it, renting it to tenants, or finding property on rent, there is a lot of paperwork involved in each case. Even a tiny error, omission, or typos could lead to loss worth thousands. Hiring a real estate agent will rid you of all these worries and help you file all the paperwork correctly without any efforts.
  • Knowledge Of Market: The next important thing in buying or renting property in any part of India is the knowledge of the market. There are a number of trends and jargons in the real estate market and understanding each of them could be a tough task. A real estate agent would help you get the complete knowledge of the market and make a more informed decision.
  • Negotiation: Whether you are buying property or selling it, there are times when negotiation is required. A real estate agent helps in carrying out any type of negotiation with the clients and ensuring that both reach at a mutual price conclusion. They have the expertise required to present both side’s cases in the best light and ensure that both of them reach a decision mutually.

How Can Real Estate Agents Help in Buying/Renting Residential Property?

A real estate agent plays a key role in buying/renting residential property. All the property brokers in India have a well-maintained database of property listings that can help in ending your house hunt quickly.

When Buying Residential Property

  • Understand Your Requirement

    The first thing that a real estate agent does is analyze your requirement and find the property type that best fits your criteria. They understand your interests, social requirements, family members, interior taste, etc., to find the apt property.
  • Find The Right Property

    The real estate agent would help you differentiate between the different types of properties like under-construction vs ready-to-move-in, investment vs end-use, fresh vs resale, freehold vs leasehold, and much more.
  • Choose The Best Location

    This is one of the most crucial aspects of finding the right house. They help you find the desired property in a locality that is seamlessly connected with all modes of transport, has markets, schools, hospitals, etc., nearby, and that properly suits all your lifestyle requirements as well.

When Renting Residential Property

  • Rental Agreement

    A rental agreement is an important document required by those planning to move in a rental property in India. It contains all the terms and clauses put forward by the owner and safeguards the interests of both. The real estate agent understands all the conditions in this legal document and makes sure that it is in your best interest.
  • Finalizing The Amount

    The monthly rental is the sum that tenants have to pay to the landlord. A real estate agent studies the trends in the market regarding the rental value and negotiates with the landlord to reach the right monthly rental amount.
  • Security Deposit

    When getting a home on rent, the tenants are supposed to deposit a certain sum called the security deposit. They discuss the conditions of the landlord and also understand how much deposit the tenant can give to reach a conclusion. They also ensure that legal papers are signed to states the return of the deposit.
  • Police Verification

    Each tenant, renting property in India, requires police verification now. The real estate agents in India are well-versed with the process and terminologies of police verification to ensure it happens in a hassle-free manner.

How Can Real Estate Agents Help in Buying/Renting Commercial Property?

While majority of the people think that the work of property consultants in India is limited to the residential sector but that’s far away from reality. Most of the commercial investors and buyers seek the expert opinion of the real estate agents to buy or lease commercial properties.

When Buying Commercial Property

  • Location

    The value of a commercial property depends largely on the location where it is located. If the property is in an active market, the commercial property would fetch higher returns and price appreciation.
  • Market Value

    The market value of the commercial property that you are planning to buy is also properly analyzed by the real estate agent. They help you know if the property is right for your type of business or not.
  • Litigations

    There are a number of cases where commercial properties have lawsuits or litigations filed against them. A good property consultant in India is one who can check it all beforehand and safeguard you from getting trapped in any type of legal battle afterward.
  • Legalities

    There are laws about the commercial use of property and you cannot start your business anywhere. A real estate agent helps in figuring out the legalities behind your commercial property venture and ensures it is legally okay to buy or not for your business goal.

When Renting Commercial Property

  • Lease Agreement

    Commercial properties are rarely rented out and majorly leased. Getting a lease agreement registered for the commercial property is something a real estate agent is expert in doing.
  • Tenure Decision

    Leasing a commercial property generally has a tenure of 3+3+3 years and one can renew it after the initial terms. The real estate agent explains the tenure and other terms of the lease to you and helps you make a calculative decision.
  • Tax Information

    Commercial properties fall under the purview of property taxes and the tenant might have to bear some of it. TDS and GST on rent and building maintenance might have to be paid by the tenant occupying the commercial property.
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