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There is a huge demand for quality builders & developers in India for various building and developing needs of residential and commercial property. At, a wide list of names and contact details of reputed real estate builders are given in a very organized fashion. You can easily find the top property developers near your place as they are properly listed according to their state and city. Here in this page you will also find reputed top builders & developers in India and also those who have recently registered with us. Links of recent residential and commercial properties available for buying or selling purposes can also be found in this page.

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FAQ on Real Estate Builder & Developers in India

  • What are the main roles of Real Estate Builders & Developers in India?
    The main role of Real Estate Builder & Developers in India are serving the people by offering solutions to all their property needs. The top builders in India deliver the highest standards of quality through the construction process. The real estate builders and developers are the fundamental part of the development and growth of the country's economy.
  • In case a real estate project stops, will Real Estate Developers repay the investor's money with interest?
    If a project stops in between, then the Real Estate Developers are liable to repay the entire money to the investors along with the interest as compensation to the homebuyers. In case they fail to refund the amount with interest, they can be penalized.
  • How much commission is charged by Real Estate Builders in India?
    Real-estate agent commission percentage normally ranges between 1% and 5% of the average sale charge. Top real estate agents charge about 3%-5% whereas most Real Estate Builders in India charge 1-2 % per property sold. Broker's commission on a property depends on the agent's experience, reputation, negotiation abilities.
  • What activities are taken care of by Property Developers?
    Property Developers are involved in a wide range of activities and processes from purchasing land, building and developing apartment buildings, and everything in between including maintenance, repair & renovation, or remodeling of the property constructed by them. They have a separate team of engineers, managers, architects, designers, and co-workers to work as a team from drawing the designs of the building to getting the final work done.
  • What type of construction works are taken care of by the Real Estate Builders?
    Real Estate Builders have launched residential projects in the budget as well as luxury segments to successfully cater to the varied requirements of diverse income groups. Also, the commercial properties delivered by them include offices, retail spaces, and institutional spaces. The construction works are executed with the use of advanced machines and the latest technologies.

Everything you need to know about the responsibilities of builders during the construction process

The property developers in India are serving the people by offering solutions to all their property needs. With a growing urban middle-class population and increasing demand for residential and commercial space, the real estate market in India has seen an immense boom in these recent years. The top builders in India are targeting developable areas and turning them into construction marvels. They are leaving no stone unturned and coming up with new projects in every real estate segment. The construction and the real estate sectors are the fundamental part of the Indian economy's growth and responsible for the development of the country's core infrastructure. The property developers in India have residential project launches in the budget as well as luxury segments in order to successfully cater to the varied requirements of diverse income groups. The commercial properties delivered by the property developers include offices, retail spaces, and institutional spaces.

The top real estate developers in India deliver the highest standards of quality through the construction process. The builders have created unparalleled projects for their customers with all sorts of amenities and services that meet the requirements. The variegated construction works are rendered by these builders with the use of advanced machines and latest techniques which make the services highly reliable, cost-effective and timely executed. With the use of finest quality building materials and the latest design, these construction works to ensure the quality services. The team of experts in the construction companies or the builders is immensely engaged in providing the construction services after a complete knowledge about the client's requirements in order to fulfill their high expectations. Backed by the professional team of architects and designers who plan as per the latest real estate trends, the builders always seek the betterment of the clients and advise them to make the best decision related to the property matters.

The entire process of construction carried out by the real estate developers or builders includes a broad range of tasks and responsibilities. The engineers, managers, and co-workers need to work as a team from the beginning of every project till its end so that a flawless construction can be done which is safe for the infrastructures. From drawing the designs of the building and submitting those for scrutiny to modifying them and get the final design done, there are several parameters and services that the team members need to look after for the success of the project.

Responsibilities that carried out by the builders or the property developers during the construction process:

  • Involve in providing pre-construction services: - The whole method of construction starts with pre-construction services. This is the primary stage of construction in which team members of the builder sit together to generate a new idea which will decide the fate of the project. They plan for the total cost estimation and other expectations needed for the project before it makes a start.
  • Involve in providing cost estimation: - With best building constructor, builders usually provide detailed building estimates that involve all the information including the prices of construction materials, equipment, labor charges, and others. The experienced and efficient builders are aware of the current market prices of all the construction materials required for the construction of a structure such as sand, timbers, brick, and other materials and equipment. The construction contractors involved in providing you with these estimations at specified intervals and different phases to keep the budget on track.
  • Involve in scheduling and documentation: - The builders are also instrumental in providing several scheduling techniques, which help in getting the construction job done within the stipulated timeline. With the team of experts, the builders hold the knowledge about the documentation works and permits that are needed for the construction of the buildings. They can help the customers to obtain the necessary documents from the concerned authority.
  • Construction project management: - After the fundamental requirements are fulfilled before the projects get started, all the team members consider a variety of things by making good coordination of thoughts. It is all about the database that allows the team members of the builder to make faster and analyzed decisions towards the future of the construction project.

    The construction is a time-consuming process involving the management of resources, money and the human workforce. We can also expect a tedious procedure that starts from the planning of the design to final finishing like the fixing of fixtures. The builder can take care of the construction process and the team members take responsibility to provide all the construction materials, workers and equipment needed for construction. They also help in finding the best contractors who come with the best deals and discounts. The builder also takes care of the health and safety of the construction workers by rigorously following the construction site safety procedures.

    Again the total procedure of construction project management can be sub-categorized into three phases -
  • Planning phase - The professional team develops their creative ideas for giving a proper start to the project. In this phase primarily problems are discussed to generate their solutions. Special attention is given on the final budget so that everything can be solved within it.
  • Execution phase - In this phase, plans get executed, analyzed and monitored in order to perform the whole thing in a proper manner. It is a relevant stage for the project and thus managers and other senior team members sit together to conduct important meetings to discuss the projected growth according to the plans.
  • Post-construction phase - In this phase, the important decisions are done and the project team focuses on the warranty issues.
  • Design-build: - This design-build stage is vital to connect the designs with the constructions accurately so that all possible difficulties can be eliminated or reduced.
  • Building services: - In this stage, the complete attention of the team members is focused on the services which are closely connected with all the management processes and design works. But, in this phase, practical risks of the construction works are focused on, so as to maintain the lifecycle of the project.

  • It is the tough decision to choose the right builder for your project, which is needed to be taken while planning to construct your houses or other infrastructures. The top real estate developers in India invest in reputed builders in India to construct their projects that meet the high construction standards. Rely on one of the dependable builders of your area to avail the best construction services.

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