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  • Top 7 Benefits of Spending Money in Plot in Chennai

    Residential Land /Plot | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 25 Jan, 2021

    The development in the industry of real estate is comparatively higher as compared to any other field. The top benefits in real estate are higher as it assures stable returns with a higher growth possible. The presence of the RERA, the...

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  • Check the Important Points for the Home Inspection Services

    House Inspection Services | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 22 Jan, 2021

    If you are planning to buy a property, a buyer should prefer visiting and examining the property. The brokers of the real estate sometimes accompany them to assist check them properly. If you are facing some defects in the property, th...

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  • How does TDS Provision affect the rent under Income Tax Law?

    Property for Rent | By: Admin | Last Updated: 18 Jan, 2021

    Before you learn about how TDS works you need to learn what TDS is. TDS is a part of Income Tax Department. The tax department introduced TDS to collect tax from every individual from their source income. Their objective is if a person...

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  • Vastu Rules For The Position Of Home Appliances For Positivity

    Vastu Tips | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 14 Jan, 2021

    Do you want to ward off negativity from your home? If yes, fix the Vastu errors. Vastu guidelines will ensure peace of mind and good health. In India, most of the homes follow Vastu rules during the construction of the house and decora...

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  • Important FAQ's for Flats for Sale in Indirapuram

    Property for Sale | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 11 Jan, 2021

    If you are looking to invest in a property, the majority of the buyers think of putting their cash in an apartment. It is important to make sure whether it is right to invest in a plot or an apartment.Q. How do you select the appro...

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    Real Estate Act | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 19 Jan, 2021

    The need to cater to the housing requirements of the growing population of Delhi, the national capital led to Delhi Development Authority (DDA) chalking out the land pooling policy to work on redevelopment of existing areas. The nation...

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  • What do you mean by Carpet Area, Super Built-Up Area, and Built-Up Area?

    Real Estate News | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 04 Jan, 2021

    Simply consider the things – the terms and terminology thrown at us by realtors and agents have us initiating cluelessly the majority of the time. In the way of purchasing a home, words such as carpet area, built-up area, and the super...

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Real Estate Brokerage

    Property Dealer | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 01 Jan, 2021

    Buyers and sellers must have a shared forum for buying or selling a property. The same goes for tenants and landlords who want to rent land. The real estate brokerage business was established and acted as the shared forum for all the a...

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  • A Complete Guide to Register Your Property Online

    Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 29 Dec, 2020

    Several Indian states provide digital services that can be used to register your property in India.It is not an option for you to register your recently bought land, and all buyers are legally obligated under section 17 of the ...

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