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  • How Commercial Real Estate Agents in Delhi Can Assist You in Your Business

    Property Dealer | By: Admin | Last Updated: 12 Jun, 2019

    Delhi, the political capital of India, is a magnet to all the business owners. Every business, be it a small scale enterprise, a startup, or a global corporation, wants to set up their business in the commercially active locations of t...

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  • Commercial Real Estate in India: Attracting NRI Investors

    Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 06 Jun, 2019

    The Indian real estate market has gotten back on its foot after many quarters of slowdown due to the new reforms implemented by the government. While the laws and moves hampered the sale and purchase of real estate, it did change the m...

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  • 5 Commercial Real Estate Trends That Are Dominating In 2019

    Real Estate Trends | By: Admin | Last Updated: 06 Jun, 2019

    The investment in the Indian realty sector has seen a record high in the first quarter of the year 2019. While many real estate markets like Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc., witnessed a 3% to 12% increase in residential realty demand, there ar...

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  • 8 Things To Need To Know About Delhi Development Authority

    Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 16 May, 2019

    The Delhi Development Authority, aka DDA, is known among the people of the national capital of India for the new housing schemes that it launches every year. While we all have heard, read or visited the LIG, MIG, or HIG flats allotted ...

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  • Legal Rights Every Tenant Needs To Know Before Renting A Property In India

    Property for Rent | By: Admin | Last Updated: 14 May, 2019

    Finding the right property for rent in India is as tiring as hunting the perfect dream house for purchase. A tenant needs to meet several property dealers, visit different properties, and discuss the terms of different landowners until...

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  • Five Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents

    Property Dealer | By: Admin | Last Updated: 10 May, 2019

    Not everyone knows what it takes to be a successful property dealer in Meerut. Being a real estate agent in Meerut is not just about serving the clients by offering them buying and selling services. It is about keeping an eye on the lo...

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  • Pros & Cons Of Renting Out Own Apartment & Living On Rent

    Property for Rent | By: Admin | Last Updated: 06 May, 2019

    In today’s real estate scenario, buying property in the prime locations metro cities is not as easy as it was a few years back. Not only is the market saturated but the property prices have also touched the skies. In such situations, a...

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  • Key Areas To Check For a Vastu-Friendly Kitchen

    Vastu Tips | By: Admin | Last Updated: 29 Apr, 2019

    Frequent illness, monetary instability, and quarrel among family members- these are some issues we all face in our lives. It is usual to fall ill, face monetary instability, and quarreling with spouse/other members. However, the freque...

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  • Buying Property In India? Check These Documents To Avoid Property Fraud

    Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 22 Apr, 2019

    A person saves his life’s earnings to buy the dream house but the stories of the unscrupulous builders and developers cheating the property buyer dissuade them to do so. Although the implementation of new rules and regulations like GST...

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