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Everything You Need To Know About Khasra Number

Real Estate News | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2021

Khasra is a Persian word that has been in existence in the Indian dictionary for a very long time. The usage of the word is extensive and extremely common all over the country. It is a plot number that is assigned to any agricultural l...

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Expenses That Come With Selling Of a Property

Real Estate News | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 16 Apr, 2021

Most are associated with how much it costs to buy a home. But most does not know how much and ultimately what are the cost factors related to selling a home. It is not just about the agent fees but a lot more and the whole process coul...

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Common Questions Concerned With Investment In Real Estate India

Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 13 Apr, 2021

Investment is good for future investment prospects. Common people and investors usually think of an industry can give better returns when it comes to investing minimum. Real estate India is an evolving sector to invest. The benefits of...

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Keeping Updated On The Circle Rates In Delhi: A Guide For The Investor

Real Estate News | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 15 Mar, 2021

Circle rates can be considered to be the minimum price, a piece of property is supposed to be registered at while there is a transaction taking place. The transaction is of a transferable nature that usually entails selling or renting ...

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Finding The Suitable Living Space in Hinjewadi

Real Estate News | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 22 Feb, 2021

Hinjewadi is a fast-growing suburb along the Western boundary of Pune, Maharashtra. It is growing to be a major conurbation of Pune city.Geographical LocationsHinjewadi is located off the Mumbai Bangaluru Highway and it is one of...

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Real Estate News | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 19 Jan, 2021

The need to cater to the housing requirements of the growing population of Delhi, the national capital led to Delhi Development Authority (DDA) chalking out the land pooling policy to work on redevelopment of existing areas. The nation...

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What do you mean by Carpet Area, Super Built-Up Area, and Built-Up Area?

Real Estate News | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 04 Jan, 2021

Simply consider the things – the terms and terminology thrown at us by realtors and agents have us initiating cluelessly the majority of the time. In the way of purchasing a home, words such as carpet area, built-up area, and the super...

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What Are The Benefits Of Listing Properties Online?

Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 17 Dec, 2020

With the advent of e-commerce, people these days are depended on the online portals and websites for all their needs. Even sellers and retailers these days prefer to sell their products online. The real estate market is slowly and cert...

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Know All About Khasra Number

Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 02 Nov, 2020

Khasra number is a Persian term that refers to a survey number. This survey number is allotted to a specific rural land of property in India. However, in the urban regions, land parcels are assigned to the survey numbers or plot number...

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Advantages of Free property ads posting sites to buyers and sellers

Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 23 Oct, 2020

Earlier, property buying and selling was a critical affair. The owners and buyer were completely dependent on agents for the sale and purchase due to the basic difficulty faced in finding buyers and sellers. But with the advent of real...

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Why Hinjewadi Is Growing as a Residential Hub?

Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 21 Sep, 2020

Are you looking for a home that provides all the amenities of metropolitan society and more? Hinjewadi is growing as one of the largest IT hub of Pune. This is located on the north-west part of the Pune city and the benefits and amenit...

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Things To Know About the Prosperous Real Estate Market of Dwarka

Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 04 Aug, 2020

Gurgaon is evolving and growing at a rapid pace over a few years. This growth continues to bring new corporate sectors and industries, businesses, and much more to the city. Gurgaon is increasing rapidly in every direction like Manesar...

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How To Choose The Best Property in Hinjewadi, Pune?

Real Estate News | By: Admin | Last Updated: 13 Aug, 2020

Pune is experiencing a stable increase in property demand though the real estate market is slowly coming down in the entire country. The development in infrastructure, world-class educational institutes, multinational companies and IT ...

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Top 5 Things Real Estate Developers Must Know For a Secure Future

Real Estate News | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 16 Jul, 2020

Ongoing COVID19 pandemic has kept the real estate industry subdued for a long time. In recent days, the world is at stake; this pandemic has disrupted the expansion of the real estate sector. Real estate developers are facing some chall...

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How is COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting the Global Real Estate Market?

Real Estate News | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 30 Jun, 2020

In a world where new residential architectural designs were finding a room in the real estate market, did the world anticipate that a pandemic was about to come? Could the world ever imagine that COVID-19 would spread like wildfire and...

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