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7 Must Require Legal Documents While Buying Property

Real Estate Act | By: Palak Jain | Create Date: 13 Dec, 2019

Every Indian dreams of buying a property for himself and his family. You must have seen your parents and grandparents spend half of their lives in finding ways to get their own house, you call it home. Whenever you talk to them, they a...

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Good News: Ownership Rights To Residents in Delhi's Unauthorized Colonies

Real Estate Act | By: Palak Jain | Last Updated: 02 Dec, 2019

There are over 1797 identified unauthorized colonies in the national capital that are spread across an area of more than 175 square kilometers. The majority of people living or residing in these unauthorized colonies are the poor migra...

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What Do You Need To Do In Case Of Property Forgery?

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 07 Oct, 2019

The issue of property forging has crept up as an important issue around the world. There are several cases of property forgery which are lying in the hands of the court, waiting eagerly to get resolved. The prime reason which leads to ...

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How the revocation of Title 370 and 35A has made it feasible to buy or sell a property in Jammu & Kashmir?

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 03 Sep, 2019

Jammu and Kashmir are one of the most beautiful states of the country of India. The states lie in the lap of the Himalayas. Kashmir and its surrounding areas are one of the most beautiful valleys on the planet. The beauty of this place...

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Things To Know About Rental Agreement In Delhi NCR

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 19 Aug, 2019

A rent agreement is an important document that needs to be studied by the landlord and the tenants while looking for or setting up their property for rent in Delhi. It states all the important terms and conditions that the landlord wou...

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A Step-By-Step Guide for Property Registration in India

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 06 Aug, 2019

Buying a home is one of the biggest milestones that every individual seeks to achieve in his/her lifetime. People save their earnings to buy their dream property and when the sum is enough, they make their dream purchase. And when you ...

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Complete Guide For Filing Complaints Under RERA

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 03 Jul, 2019

The Real Estate Regulatory Act aka RERA was introduced on 1st May 2016 and officially implemented exactly after a year i.e. 1st May 2017. The Indian Parliament passed this act in order to protect the rights & interest of residential pr...

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Buying Property In India? Check These Documents To Avoid Property Fraud

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 22 Apr, 2019

A person saves his life’s earnings to buy the dream house but the stories of the unscrupulous builders and developers cheating the property buyer dissuade them to do so. Although the implementation of new rules and regulations like GST...

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3 Factors That Are Set To Revive Luxury Real Estate of India

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 18 Apr, 2019

Previously, the Indian real estate witnessed a drastic dropdown in the sales of luxury housing in major parts of the country. The last two years brought several regulatory reforms in the real estate of India that includes the final imp...

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How To Save On Taxes When Buying A Property In India

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Create Date: 24 Jan, 2019

With the implementation of RERA and GST, the government of India is trying to make a property purchase in the country a simpler and quicker process. While GST has subsumed several taxes like VAT, service tax, etc., under its unified sl...

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Good News For Homebuyers: No GST On Properties With Completion Certificate

Real Estate Act | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 05 Jul, 2019

Property buyers now have a reason to rejoice. The government has removed all the fully-constructed houses from the purview of the Goods and Services Tax. Earlier, the builders and developers would levy a GST of 12% even on the sale of ...

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Using Basement For Residential Purpose Is Illegal: Here's Why

Real Estate Act | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 09 Nov, 2018

The urbanization and mass migration of people to cities has led to a space crunch in most of the metro cities of India. Be it a small apartment with zero amenities, a terrace room, a room on the non-permissible floor, or a basement, mo...

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All About Parking Rights of Tenants

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 15 Feb, 2019

With increasing number of vehicle owners, parking is becoming a big issue in metro cities as well as Tier II and Tier III cities. Especially tenant of residential societies face a lot of problems in parking their vehicles. In recent to...

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A Simple Guide To Paying Property Tax In Delhi

Real Estate Act | By: Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 27 Aug, 2018

If you have a Property in Delhi you must be feeling proud and happy for owning a property in one of the most booming real estate locations of India. However, along with all this happiness, there are some challenges associated with owni...

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All About Joint Ownership Agreement

Real Estate Act | By: Admin | Last Updated: 15 Feb, 2019

Buying a property in joint ownership can be really beneficial in terms of sharing investment cost, but often people hesitate to buy a joint property owing to their apprehensions about legal complexities. Joint Ownership Agreement is a ...

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