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Haridwar Property Overview!

Haridwar, one of the most attractive places in Uttarakhand, attracts thousands of people because of its amazing connectivity, property options and serene location. The word literally means the door to God’s abode and is one of the purest and holy pilgrim sites in India. From the pious Ganga ghats to the divine temples, everything in Haridwar gives spiritual nirvana and peace to mind and soul. Because of its significance as a holy place, this city has become one of the most visited places of Uttarakhand.


Infrastructure & Connectivity
Haridwar, known for its pious and pure nature has seen quite a lot of development over the past few years. Apart from the various hotels and dharamshalas that provide shelter to the thousands of pilgrims that visit this holy land, Haridwar is also raising in the industrial development ladder with each passing year. Even if there is no direct air connectivity for this city, people still manage to visit this holy place through several other transportation means. You can easily reach this place by the Indian railway from any part of the country. Also, the strong roadways network makes this city quite popular for weekend getaways for those living in the northern part of the country.


The population of the city was equated to be somewhere around 1,927,029 in the 2011 Indian census. The growth rate of this city in the past 10 years from 2011 has been a 30.63%. The sex ratio of the city is quite low and inhabits only 880 women for every 1000 men. Even when talking about the literacy rate of Haridwar, it is not very commendable at just 73.43%.


Life Style
Every year lakhs and thousands of devotees visit this place to enjoy the tranquility and purity that the city offers. It is fully developed to accommodate all these tourists and even suit the lifestyle of everyone who lives there. You can hear the echoes of the morning and evening aartis that are sung at the various ghats. You can also find all types of facilities here like multiplexes, shopping malls, entertainment centers and many more places to suit the lifestyle of the people.


Key localities in Haridwar
Every city has its own set of localities, while some may be offering over-the-top facilities other may not be able to be at par with the growing needs. Haridwar real estate has seen some amazing development and many new localities have emerged here. Let’s look at the most important localities of Haridwar: Kangri, Bhupat Wala, Sidcul, Shivalik Nagar, Jwalapur, Kankhal, Shyampur, Haridwar, Salempur Mahdood, etc.


Real Estate Market
Builders of an area play an important role in improving the infrastructural face of a city. And the builders of Haridwar are nowhere behind in making the city one of the best in terms of infrastructure and real estate in Haridwar. With so many upcoming projects in line, you can see almost all the top builders in this city open with advertisements like “Property for Sale in Haridwar”. Let’s have a look at the top builders of this city: Hero Realty, Raghunath Estate, Hector Realty, Asian Developers, ETH Group, Accurate and Associates, The Vardhman Developers, Skyline Infratech and others.
Projects in Haridwar
There are several new projects coming up in this city that would offer amazing residential as well as commercial space in Haridwar properties. There are a number of new developments in Haridwar that match the world-class living standards. You can find everything as per your heart’s desire in this holy city. There are affordable apartments, flats, residential plots, industrial lands bungalows, builder floors and much more that would definitely please your pocket.


Govt Projects in Haridwar
The Haridwar Development Authority or HDA launches many schemes to provide different types of residential flats to various categories of people. You can find all types of LIG, MIG, HIG, EWS, BPL flats to suit the budget in this city that are offered by the government.

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