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An Overview of the Surat Real Estate Market

Being one of the fastest growing Tier-II cities of India, Surat has gained quite a lot of attraction in the past few years. It is not only the second largest city of Gujarat but also its economical capital. To add to that, the diamond and textile business in the city have made it popular in the international sphere as well. The names Diamond City, Textile City, and Silk City are all synonymous to Surat because of its trading brilliance. This has created a great number of employment opportunities for the people who come here in search of jobs and affordable living conditions.


Infrastructure & Connectivity
The infrastructure of Surat has seen a forward growth in the past few years. From having the country’s best water treatment plants to enjoying an amazing connectivity via different means, this 4th fastest growing city of the world, without a doubt, has some great attracting points. It is a part of the Golden Quadrilateral Highway System which connects it to some big cities of the country. Apart from that, it is also about to have its very own metro train service that would ease the transportation process. The amazing infrastructure and convenient public transport system are two of the main factors that attract people to this city.


The population of Surat by the end of 2016 was noted to be at 6,043,737, which was only 4,462,002 in the 2011 Indian census. The census also revealed that the population growth rate for the decade 2001-2011 has been 63.3%. The literacy rate of the city is recorded to be 89% with 93% males and 84% females being literate. When talking about sex ratio of the city, the city needs to tackle this issue more seriously as there are just 754 females for every 1000 males.


Life Style
Surat, the second largest city of Gujarat, is famous for its mouth-watering food. The sweet and sour taste reflects in almost all the dishes of Surat. The people of Surat are very welcoming and friendly and love to spend their time together. The countless entertainment facilities like parks, beaches, museums and amusement parks keep the people of Surat entertained. Apart from that various other options like Marvella Mall, Kinnary Multiplex, Rajhans Prime Cinema, Blue Adventures etc., offer some amazing time-spending options to the people.


Key localities in Surat
Surat real estate
is one of the fastest growing sectors in the development of Surat. A number of localities have come up on the face of Surat, which has offered amazing living space for the people. Some of the key localities in Surat have been mentioned here: Adajan Patia, Citylight Area, Rander Road, Dumach Road, Dahin Nagar, Timaliya Wad, Piplod, Athwa Lines, Gohor Dor Oad, Varachha, etc.


Real Estate Market
The builders of Surat have been instrumental in the amazing development that the city has seen in terms of infrastructure. The have improved the real estate scenario in Surat by coming up with some world-class projects. These builders can always be seen with property ads like “Property for Sale in Surat” or “Surat Properties for Sale”. Here is a list of the top builders of Surat: Rajhans, JDT Group, Green Group, Dharmadev, Hindva Builders, Reputed Builder, White Wings, Chanchal, Aakash Group, Parjanya Homes and more.


Projects in Surat
Various projects have been delivered to improve the residential as well as the commercial real estate of Surat. From 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats to builders’ floors and apartments, all types of living facilities are available in this city. You can even find industrial, agricultural and residential land/plot at affordable rates in Surat.


Govt Projects in Surat
Surat Municipal Corporation is one of the wealthiest municipal corporations of Gujarat and comes up with various housing schemes to provide easy and affordable housing facility to all. The recent LIG Housing Scheme by Surat Municipal Corporation offered 113 LIG units with 2 rooms and other basic facilities. Hi! Searching for Property? Let's Chat