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Vastu Consultants who are offering reliable and effective Vastu Shastra Consultancy are highly in demand. Vastu Shastra is a traditional art & science which many people keep in mind while constructing buildings & town to ensure a harmonious balance between human, space, air, fire, water and earth and thereby bringing all round peace, prosperity & happiness. At you can easily find Vastu Consultants by searching them according to their state, city, area and location. Feng Shui Services is also very much popular among the clients and in this page you can easily find reputed Vastu Consultants who are offering the same. You can find the property of your choice as information about latest property deals are also given in this page.

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FAQ For Vastu Consultant in India

  • What is Vastu Shastra?
    Vastu Shastra is an olden Indian Vedic Science of Architecture that can be literally termed as science of architecture as using this many constructions of buildings takes place. Vastu Shastra is a traditional science that is widely used by people even today when it comes to building a new house. This Shastra helps in maintaining a harmony between air, fire, space, water, earth, and human. Thus, it helps in bringing peace, prosperity, and happiness for everyone who will come in contact with the place blessed with the positive energy of Vastu Shastra.
  • Is Vastu Shastra scientifically proven?
    Vastu Shastra is a Vedic Science that helps in building an architecture according to the vastu so that only positive influence will remain inside the building. It helps in eliminating all kinds of Vastu Doshas. So, the motive of the ancient texts of Vastu is to bring harmony and peace in any building.
  • What is the need of consulting a Vastu Expert?
    A Vastu expert is a professional who has an in-depth knowledge of the science of Vastu Shastra. The expert will guide you for the best while structuring or re-structuring any building. Thus, assistance of an expert is required to ensure perfect Vastu plan for your structure. Contact the most learned Vastu Consultant in India, who provides the best and authentic Vastu Shastra Services in India.
  • What are Vastu Items & Why do we need them?
    Vastu items or yantras are such devices that are specially designed to emit positive energies around them. These items are available in different types and they help in attaining financial stability, better health, excellent harmony, total peace, etc. Thus, items like vastu pyramid, swastika, laughing buddha, and more.
  • Does Vastu Shastra helps in Improving One's Luck?
    Yes, Vastu Shastra do help in improving the luck of a person who lives in the Vastu blessed home. It helps in maintaining a positive ambience and brings harmony and peace inside the building for the entire life.

Vastu Shastra: the art of living

Hire the best vastu consultants in India for a perfect setting of your home and office

Vastu Shastra is an age-old method of architecture that is immensely popular among the Hindu. The best thing about Vastu Shastra is it is not only just about religious thoughts but it has strong scientific background too. The science of architecture will explain everything anyone needs to know about ‘Vastu’.

Along with the construction of a new building, someone believes it or not some positive and/or negative energies form in all the corners of it. But the quality of architecture can handle the quantity of positivity and negativity. A Vastu consultant in India works for their clients to guide the construction of the building by providing some Vastu rules. They suggest some specific positioning and directional rules which are effective in forming positive energy at all parts of the building.

An example of Vastu rules – Vastu says the main door should be in the east direction. It explains good UV rays of the sun come early in the morning which is effective in killing germs of the house. But if the main door is located in the southwest direction, it is not good for the house. Vastu says harmful UV rays of the sun come in the evening.

Your mind must be questioning you that cannot you build a house without concerning any Vastu consultancy in India? Of course, you can do. You are free to make your own decisions. What you need to keep in mind that your house will exist even after you die, so it’s better to construct it with the proper way, for a better living! As says Sir Winston Churchill, ‘We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us’.

Basic 5 elements of Vastu Shastra:

Directed by science, Vastu unites the 5 key elements of nature – the Panchbhootas. They are Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Space. Hiring one of the best Vastu Shastra consultants in town, someone can utilize the beneficial energies of nature. Vastu says, space, sun, and air can be molded with respect to human needs.

Read below to understand the importance of the five major elements of nature.

  1. Air – any Vastu Shastra consultant in India would suggest his clients place the doors and windows in the North-East direction. It’s because these are the entrance of air to any building and air is the North-East element of nature.
  2. Earth – According to Vastu Shastra, Earth is one of the major elements to exert the utmost positive energy from nature. Before buying a plot, someone should make a thorough inspection of the site, plot, soil, and land size, and only then they should start construction works on it.
  3. Fire – According to Vastu, fire is the South-East element of nature. Hence, all the electrical gadgets or kitchen fire should be placed in the South-east direction of the building.
  4. Water – Vastu says water is the North-East element of nature. So, an aquarium, water tanks, or a swimming pool should be constructed at the North-East corner of the building.
  5. Space – All the galaxies, planets, stars, sun, and moon are in the space, which is crucial to control the human lives. Presence of open space in the property can bring good health, prosperity, and peace.

Why Vastu Shastra Services are so important?

The importance of Vastu is majorly due to its scientific background. As discussed above, Vastu not only combines the five key elements of nature but also makes a balance in the materials and humans. Any Vastu consultancy in India will guide their clients about the formulas, rules, and patterns Vastu maintain for the construction of buildings.

Vastu Science…

Vastu Shastra is all about bringing harmony and positive cosmic energy into human lives. The science of Vastu calculates the sunrise, sunset, and rainfall to figure out how the construction of the house should proceed.

The days are gone when people used to dismiss Vastu Shastra as ancient superstition. People today have found belief in the true scientific explanations of Vastu forecasts in the way of constructing buildings.

Vastu tips for building a Home:

Here are 6 important Vastu tips for you whom you should keep in mind before building or buying a house. In this 21st century, people should keep their eyes open, especially when they are going to invest their life savings to buy a shelter for them.

As you start reading the tips, you will understand the reasons for the tips that accompany them.

  1. The main entrance of any house is a major place of concern. It is responsible for drawing either positive or negative energy. South-West facing doors are not at all recommended as it brings negative energies which in turn can invite misfortune. West and North-West facing doors are not counted as too bad for Vastu. A North or East facing main doors are recommended by the Vastu Shastra services as it brings harmony and success.
  2. Similarly, kitchens should not be positioned in the South-East direction, and after understanding the Vastu rules, you can now understand why. Vastu says, set your kitchen in the North-East or East direction of the building so that it can remain protected from the rogue winds.
  3. Good natural lighting is essential for every house. Thus, North or East facing balconies and also the windows or in-house doors are good to bring enough natural lighting in the house.
  4. Bedrooms should be constructed in the South-East direction of the building, says Vastu Shastra. In this way, the South-East wind can enter the room to make some good circulation of fresh air.
  5. The morning rays of the sun help in purifying water. So, Vastu recommends setting up the water tanks, swimming pools, etc. in the North-East corner of the building.
  6. Vastu says a No to the placement of bathrooms in the North-East corner of the building, as throughout the year the wind blows in the North-East to South-West direction.

After reading this article carefully, hope the readers have understood how important it is to place your home according to the Vastu rules. So, hire the best Vastu consultant in India to make a dream prosperous home for you.

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