Top Architects and Architecture Firms in India

Architecture in India has become an important part of the Real Estate industry. At, you can easily avail Architectural Services from leading Architect Designers for your various architectural needs. Names and contact details of reputed companies providing Real Estate Architectural Services are updated in this page on a regular basis. For your requirement of Architecture Services, in this page you get the option of finding the architecture or real estate firm with just one click. Real estate firms providing Architecture Services near your location can be easily found by selecting the State, City, Location, etc. Links of leading architectural firms along with firms that has recently registered with us can also be found in this page.

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FAQ For Architects in India

Architecture has become an integral part of the real estate industry for its persistent necessity. But there are many questions and answers that commonly occurs in our mind when we want to purchase a property.

  • What is the main reason to Hire Architects in India for Home?
    The main reason tohire architects in India for home is their knowledge and expertise. They have the proficiency and aptitude to developextraordinary architectural layouts with less costly methods. Because itexhibits in a 3D structure before it is actually finished. If you select proficient architects, it may help you to get the desired designs you want.
  • What are the services provided by the architect design consultant?
    An architect design consultantdeliversnumerousassistance such as evaluation, concept planning, blueprints, project management services, authority approvals and many more. Therefore, appointing an architect design consultantcan help you to get a value-added service for acquiring your desired possession.
  • How to find the best architects for buildings in India?
    The answer to this question is simple.Just visit RealEstateIndia.Com and examine the results based on location, popularity, ratings, best deals, offers and more. The precise examination of these things is required necessarily because these things can help to get the best property of your choice.
  • What are the charges of the Architecture Firms?
    Architecture Firms in India charge based on the category of real estate projects, their duration, the services they will be giving and others. It's advisable to evaluate all the things related to an architecture firm before selecting any of them.
    Therefore, select RealEstateIndia.Com for getting a property that can be an asset for your lifetime.

Everything You Need To Know About Architects & Architectural Services

Architects are responsible for a variety of works in building construction. They analyze the space, draft a design, and supervise the complete construction of the house. A number of architecture firms in India are offering their services in this domain to help the home owners, building construction managers, and contractors get expert assistance in designing any space in the most effective manner.

Why Do You Need To Hire Architect For Your Home?

While an architect is someone who helps in building construction, there are many who still wonder if they need to hire an architect or not. Here are a few reasons that will compel you to hire from the top architects in India right away.

  • They have the knowledge and expertise to create unique architectural designs that can a shape in the best possible manner.
  • They offer cost-effective solutions which turn out to be more profitable for the home owners in the long run.
  • Architects with 3D drawing help you visualize and view your home before it is actually completed.
  • They handle all the discussion and coordination with the officials to get the required permissions for construction.

Things To Check Before Hiring An Architect

When hiring an architect, there are some things that you need to check about them to ensure that they are fit for your project work. Here are some of these things:

  • Offerings: This is the first thing that any person hiring a professional for architecture in India should look for. You need to know clearly what all are the things that the architect is offering. You need to be clear beforehand to ensure that they do not stall you in the middle of the project.
  • Portfolio: Each individual has his/her own requirement from an architect. Before hiring one, you should check the portfolio of the architect to know if they are meeting the requirements that you have in mind. You can also check the versatility in their projects and the expertise with which the architecture has been done to gain more knowledge on their work profile and experience. This brings us to our next factor.
  • Experience: An experienced architect not only has the knowledge of the industry but also have the required expertise to handle any type of on-site issues during the design implementation stage. Their experience can ensure smooth and hassle-free completion of your building construction. So, before hiring any architect for your building project, know their experience beforehand.

What Are The Skills You Should Look When Hiring An Architect

An architect needs to possess a number of skills to be able to lead in the industry. If you are browsing through the list of architects in India, here are some skills that you can use to filter the list.

  • Communication Skills: One of the key skills required in an architect is communication skill. They are not just required to design an architectural draft for your building construction. Their work profile also requires them to be in touch with the clients, lawyers, labors, construction managers, contractors, surveyors, local municipality officers, etc. The art of effective communication can help convey the details and information clearly and get the work done quickly.
  • Creative Skills: Creativity is the backbone of the architects. An architect is required to possess creativity and aesthetic side to design flawless architecture maps. A flair for imagination and innovation in each new project are also imperative to let their creative juices flow into their designs.
  • Designing Skills: Not just pleasing to the eye and innovative, the architecture map should also follow the rules of practicality in execution. For this, one needs to have good designing skills. They should also be able to make the best use of the space as per the clients' requirements as well.
  • Engineering Skills: The architect needs to have slight knowledge of structural and civil engineering to draft a design that is viable to complete by the engineers as well. Basic physics and its principle applications in building construction should be known by the architects.
  • Management Skills: Leadership is something very important for an architect. They need to be able to explain their plans and working process to the people working for them. It is important for them to have the management skills to manage junior architects, technicians, contractors, etc.
  • Legal Knowledge: There are a number of building codes, policies, and regulations put forward by the local government or the municipal corporation of the region. Understating of these codes and legalities can help in formulating a design that gets passed without any interruption.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: There are a number of problems and issues that might arise during the implementation of the architectural design. An architect should be able to think on his/her feet and provide a quick solution for the problem.

What Responsibilities Is The Architect Supposed To Fulfill?

An architect needs to fit into the shoes of different people at different points of time for the successful completion of the building construction. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of an architect:

  • They need to work very closely with the clients for drafting plans that meet their full requirements and also fall within their budget.
  • They are also required to perform the designing, planning, and developing tasks related to architecture or building construction.
  • They are also required to analyze the complete process of building construction and estimate the cost for further cost-cutting.
  • They are also responsible for evaluating and assessing all the conditions or constraints in the area for construction.
  • They also support and guide the designing teams, technicians, and other labors to duplicate the design in construction.
  • They are required to create 3-D drawing of the design so that the clients can have a better idea of the design.
  • They ensure timely completion of each task by dividing it into mini-deliverables for effective monitoring.
  • They also need to maintain any and all types of documentation that are related to the construction and design.
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