Dwarka Expressway: Boosting Real Estate In Delhi NCR

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buying property in Dwarka Expressway

One of the most popular features of Gurugram Master Plan 2021, Dwarka Expressway, would connect Dwarka in Delhi to Khekri Daula Toll Plaza on NH-48 in Gurugram. As all obstacles have been removed, the 29-kms long Expressway would see completion by the end of 2019. The completion of this expressway is paving way for a real estate boost in the area. In fact, seeing the growing property demand in Dwarka Expressway, the real estate gurus have predicted that Dwarka Expressway would be one of the top 5 real estate hotspots in Delhi NCR.

Dwarka Expressway: Offering Seamless Connectivity
Dwarka Expressway, with its seamless connectivity of more than 28 km, would connect Gurugram with Delhi. This project was conceptualized under the Gurugram Master Plan 2021 and would be connecting Delhiā€™s Dwarka with Palam Vihar in Gurugram. On one end of the expressway would be Dwarka sub-city and on the other end would be the Khekri Dhaula Toll in Gurgaon on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. While presently a person has to travel for more than an hour, after the completion of this highway, one can easily reach Gurgaon from Dwarka in less than 20 minutes.

While people living in the sectors of Dwarka take around 45 minutes to reach the international airport, with Dwarka Expressway in operation, Indira Gandhi International Airport would be than a half-an-hour far. In addition to that, this expressway would minimize the people living in the sectors of Dwarka but working in Gurugram Cybercity, Manesar industrial belt, other office hubs in the city etc., to easily commute to their offices in a short time.

With Gurgaon growing into a bigger IT hub and attracting people with amazing employment opportunities, people are looking for property to own in and around Gurgaon. And with Dwarka Expressway minimizing the distance between the two areas, buying property in Dwarka Expressway is the best option for people. In fact, the completion of the project would give a certain boost to the real estate in and around Dwarka Expressway due to its seamless connectivity with Gurgaon.

Some Facts About Real Estate Along Dwarka Expressway
As soon as the Dwarka Expressway project commenced, the real estate around the area started witnessing a significant growth. The facts given below are a testimony to the boost that real estate in Dwarka Expressway has witnessed in the past few years.

  • There has been a fresh supply of around 29,100 units in the past five years in the Dwarka Expressway region. The top builders and developers in Delhi NCR are taking up new projects in this area to profit from the real estate boom that this area is going to experience once the expressway is completed.
  • The Dwarka Expressway houses around 150 housing projects that would offer more than97,000 affordable residential units. As the area is still under development, the residential units along the expressway are still pretty economical as compared to the property in other sectors of Dwarka or in Gurugram.
  • In the past 3.5 years, the property price in the Dwarka Expressway region has risen by around 1.4% - 1.5% every year. However, with the completion of the project, the property prices are expected to shoot high.
  • All the leading players of the real estate industry like DLF, Emaar MGF, Adani, Ansal, etc., have invested in project development in Dwarka Expressway. This is a clear indication that they have also calculated the potential of this location.

Dwarka Expressway is certainly going to give a boost to the real estate in Delhi NCR. With a mix of residential and commercial projects, this area is emerging as a real estate hot spot in the capital city. Whether you are looking for affordable property for self-use or want an investment property, Dwarka Expressway is the area where you should be looking.

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