How To Deal With Customer Feedback

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Most businesses, whether they are dealing in products or services, revolve around customer service; if your customers are satisfied, then your business is all set on the path of growth and success. Good relationship with the customers is the foundation of any successful business. At the same time, dissatisfied customers can shake even the strongest of business foundations. This is the reason that most of the renowned companies around the world have invested in effective complaint redressal systems.

Whether a small time business or a full-fledged MNC, a customer complaint system/department is essential for all. Keeping this in mind, is one of the trusted real estate portals has set up a proper complaint handling system to deal with Realestateindia Feedback. Special care is taken by the team in case any negative Reviews are received. All Feedback, whether negative or positive, is taken care of in an efficient manner. Some effective steps followed by the complaint handling team at have been mentioned below. Essentials Of Complaint Handling

  • Understand The Context Of The Problem: Different types of customers may call in register their complaints at any time of the day. The complaint handling team will come across different types of customers confused, angry ones, frustrated or skeptical ones even; while dealing with such customers, it is very important to determine the context of the problem they are facing.
  • Show Empathy: It is very essential to show empathy to the customers who are calling to register a complaint. Whatever emotion they may be showing, be sure to make them understand that you are concerned with their problems and want to help resolve them.
  • Say Thank You: Since the customer has taken the time out to get your details and contact you to inform you about the problems they are facing, you should always thank them.
  • Ask Questions: This will show that you have been listening to the problems being outlined by the customers. The follow-up questions will also help you gather more information regarding the problem & may ultimately help in finding an appropriate solution. Also, the follow-up questions help in clarifying whether your understanding of the customer's problem is correct or not. You may even ask for customers' suggestion for finding an effective solution.

With these simple steps, you can ensure that the complaint is correctly noted and the appropriate steps are taken to rectify the problem. One essential thing to remember is to ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

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    Rohit Kaushik

    08 August, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Nice blog post. The feedback is important for a business. It helps in many ways and dealing with it is also very important. Your points are good and I liked it. Thanks.

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  • Admin

    Kumari Lovely

    08 August, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    Trust is the key, and when it comes to online businesses, it is the only key. Thanks for helping us in this regard; customer feedback is a challenge now a days. To handle it is not that easy.

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  • Admin


    27 July, 2014 at 6:34 am

    I never read a post on this topic never before so a big thanks to you for sharing such a good informative post on this topic because this is very good to think about Customer feedback and the reply of feedback must be valuablefor customer so in future he can give us some more good feedback. Thanks for sharing, keep sharing.

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