The Power Of Testimonials And Client Reviews For Expanding The Real Estate Business

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What are things considered as righteous for expanding a real estate business? Superlative services, dedicated workforce, a presence over the internet. Is that all one requires? No. Having a bundle of reviews and testimonials is equally essential for the expansion of the real estate business. At first, they aren’t considered more than mere words, but their importance is realized later. Reviews and testimonials play a key role in upgrading and degrading the real estate business. If a company has sizable negative reviews then it will not be able to gain an extensive clientele. On the other hand, if it has praises in the form of testimonials then it might attract people. In simpler words, reviews and testimonials are extremely powerful. Here’s how.

Know The Difference
“That’s a bad review I saw there.” “I think let us write a testimonial for their bad services.” People come across different reviews and testimonials on different websites. But, a majority of them remains confused between reviews and testimonials because the concept of these terminologies is either not clear to them or they get confused. Thus, it becomes essential to know what are reviews and testimonials. Here’s the difference:-

A. Reviews
A review is an ordinary statement that can be partial or impartial. They are, most probably, generated frequently by clients or customers on various social media platforms. Since they are written in an impartial way, none of the business owners has the control over them. It has the power to increase or decrease the rankings of the service or the business. It is usually done by giving a rating of 1-5 stars.

B. Testimonials
A testimonial is like a paid advertisement. It is written by the clients that are seen regularly seen on a website. Testimonials are generated and visible only on the specific website of the owner and he has the full right to choose and display the ones he wishes to be displayed on the website. Usually, a testimonial is written in a positive manner that praises the service. It is given by clients that are really satisfied with a service.

How Do They Affect The Business?
It has been observed that a majority of people avail a service only if it has been rated well by different individuals, however, on the basis of reviews it is not considered wise to judge a service. On the other hand, testimonials reflect the authentic side of a service provided by a service provider.

Both reviews and testimonials play a key role in affecting the business either in a positive or a negative manner. A review can be positive or negative as it can be written by anyone but, a testimonial is always positive because it is written by a real individual.

If there are mixed reviews about a company on various SM platforms then they may be true. If only the positive reviews exist then it becomes questionable. No service provider/business owner can have only positive reviews, although, having positive testimonials is not less than a blessing in disguise.

The Real Estate Business
The real estate business is reckoned as a lucrative business and it has positioned its roots with firmness all over the country. Unlike other business domains that take time to flourish, the real estate business has the potential to burgeon with a great speed. Realtors, real estate agents, property dealers etc. can be found here on extensive scale. A substantial populace is preferring real estate as their profession instead of taking up other jobs.

Testimonials & Reviews: Are They Good Or Bad For Real Estate?
So this is something that can be considered as debatable. Many people do not consider the reviews and testimonials as an appropriate way to judge a business or a service. However, common public judges the service on the basis of reviews and testimonials. A review can be read anywhere, whereas, a testimonial can be read only on the specific website. Based on reviews, the profit and loss are determined by a company. By working on the negative reviews, a company can devote the time for polishing and make the service laudable. Similarly, the testimonials define the achievement of the company in different ways.

The real estate business is a vast sphere and many people have chosen this as their field of interest. It is dedicated to serving the common public in everything related to the real estate like what kind of property should be chosen? How much investment should be made? etc. For the expansion of the business, one should have his presence on the internet by owning a domain and holding positive reviews and testimonials. The positive reviews and testimonials leave a good impact and attract clients on an extensive scale.

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  • Admin

    Neha Rajput

    08 August, 2018 at 5:23 pm

    In a sector like real estate, the review of a single client matters. And, to be honest, I have developed my online business on a large scale behalf of this. But, Thanks for many new suggestions. I will definitely think about it.

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  • Admin

    Rohit Roy

    08 August, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    Testimonials are having immense power, when it comes to business development. In real estate, everything moves around it, and businesses are spending more energy to strengthen this department. Much obliged.

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  • Admin

    Jyoti Sagar

    17 May, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    A customer-centric approach is the most beneficial business approach a company can adopt for achieving good client feedbacks.

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