Ideal Locker Room Location According To Vastu

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According to Vastu

Have you bought a new house and can't decide which room should be made the locker room and where your locker should be placed? Well then, we have the answer. According to Vastu, the locker room should always be located in the North direction and alternatively in the east direction as well. If the locker room is located in the wrong direction, then the money outflow is more than the inflow. Let us now discuss various factors that are essential for a perfect locker room.

Shape Of Locker Room

Always make sure that your locker room is square or rectangular in shape. The room should not be circular or strangely shaped. The height of the locker room should be the same as that of other rooms in the house.

Location Of The Locker/Almirah

The locker or the almirah in the locker room should be placed in the south side of the room. The locker should be placed against the south wall, facing the north wall. Do not place the locker in the north-east, south-east and north-west corner as it can lead to unnecessary expenditure. The locker should be placed at least 1 inch away from the wall and a foot away from the north-west and south-west corners.

Windows And Door In Locker Room

Place your locker or almirah in a room that has only one door. The door should be in the north or the east direction. The door should not be in the south-east, south-west, north-west and south directions.

Color Of Locker Room

Different colors should be used for different rooms. For example, there are rooms for studying, rooms for eating, rooms for sleeping etc. The locker room should be of a color that would lead to increment in wealth and would help you avoid unnecessary expenditure. Yellow color is best suited for a locker room. Make sure to color the walls and floor of your locker room yellow.

Special Tips For Locker Room

  • The locker should not be placed directly underneath the beam.
  • The locker should be placed in the corners of the room.
  • Keep the locker room clutter free and clean.
  • Place a mirror on the opposite wall of the locker. This will lead to an increase in the wealth inflow.
  • Placing a small fountain in a locker room is highly beneficial.

So, now you know which room should you choose as your locker room and where to place the locker in that room. Correct placement of important elements in your home helps in creating a peaceful and harmonious environment and brings wealth and prosperity.

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