Key Areas To Check For a Vastu-Friendly Kitchen

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Frequent illness, monetary instability, and quarrel among family members- these are some issues we all face in our lives. It is usual to fall ill, face monetary instability, and quarreling with spouse/other members. However, the frequent occurrence of such things isn’t usual. It surely means that something isn’t right with the Vastu of the property. Yes, the Vastu of a property decides the fate of residents in several ways. In this modern world, such things are considered as a baseless myth. But as per the Vastu experts, it plays a key role in maintaining a positive or negative aura. In India, the kitchen is the center point in homes. If the cosmic energy of the center point is distorted, it won’t bestow the benefit. Thus, it is essential to maintain the Vastu of kitchen. In case the Vastu of the kitchen has some flaws, follow the tips enlisted in the write-up and witness positive changes.

  • South East Direction for The Element of Fire: In the current scenario, most of the properties are built according to the Vastu. However, there are certain properties that do not stand according to Vastu. If the kitchen is located in the southeast corner of the home, you’re lucky. In case, the situation is different, you can turn to the Vaastu shastra consultancy service provider in the neighborhood to find the solution for it. Also, always place the gas stove in the southeast corner of the kitchen.
  • Do Not Drain Positivity in Sink: All taps used for sourcing water in a kitchen should never be placed next to the gas stove. Since the water and fire elements have opposite nature and repel, placing the taps and sink in the northeast direction is widely suggested by Vastu professionals. All water bottles and jugs should be placed in the northeast direction.
  • The Colors of Joy: Fill colors of happiness in your life by painting the walls of the kitchen according to the Vastu. All modular kitchens designed by interior decorators are planned that complement the interiors of the house. Even the providers of Vastu consultancy services emphasize on choosing vibrant colors like green, orange, cream, lime green etc., for painting the walls. It is a perfect solution for inviting positivity indoors.
  • Marble Safeguards The Health: While getting the kitchen renovated, always choose marble for tiles and slab. Having a pure white marble slab and tiles in the kitchen is a blessing in disguise for the health of all members. Do not utilize any other stone for carving the kitchen slab. Many modular kitchens have granite slabs and undoubtedly, eyes get fixed on them. However, it guarantees ill-effects on health. Thus, consider using white marble for making a slab.
  • Sufficient Storage Space For Cutlery: Let’s admit that cutlery covers 80% of the kitchen space. They enhance the charm of the kitchen when arranged appropriately, but when cluttered, invite negativity indoors. Therefore, there should be adequate space for storing cutlery. For the best results, build cupboards on the southern and western walls of the kitchen.
  • Placement of Electrical Appliances: The kitchens of today are incomplete without appliances like ovens and induction cooktop. Since they are connected to the element of fire & energy, their placement according to Vastu is the east south direction of the kitchen. In case the fridge is located inside the kitchen, it should also be placed in the east south direction.

Final Words
The laws of Vastu are equal for all types of residential properties. When the cosmic energy of the home is centralized, it brings in positivity from all directions. However, not all properties are built according to Vastu. In such cases, one should follow the handy remedies in order to avoid the ill-effects.  

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