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What does the expert Vaastu Consultant in India advice to have in homes?

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Vaastu Consultants in India

Vaastu shastra as we all know is an ancient Indian architectural science. It comprises of values to ensure a pleasant balance between man & nature thus bringing pleasure, health, prosperity & wealth. Though an Architect knows well how people now have started practicing Vaastu more as a superstition rather than as a logical ancient science which is relevant to the modern world in a limited capacity.

Vaastus hastra originated thousands of years ago in ancient India. Earlier, people were dependent on the fundamentals of nature to fulfill all their basic requirements. Sun provided light & heat, wind gave cool breeze, rivers & rain were the main source of water, earth provided food & shelter and fire heat & protection. Thus the philosophies of the building discipline laid down during those days too were constructed only on the effect of foundations of nature.

Basic elements of vaastu
Vastu distinguishes five essentials of creation that, when honored, augment the flow of prana, universal life-force vigor, within a building. Worshipping nature is a blessed acknowledgement. The five elements

  • Earth,
  • Air,
  • Fire,
  • Water, and
  • Space

These are energetically linked with particular directions. Earth is associated with the southwest; air, northwest; fire, southeast; and water the northeast.

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These are some important Vaastu tips that can help you to generate maximum positivity in your house-

  1. Use optimistic sounds: Some sounds irritate you, and you simply ignore them like creaking sounds of doors and windows, sounds obtained from any kind of friction etc. These sounds generate negativity in your environment. Have a perfect solution to such irritating sounds. Sound of Ring balls and conch is considered appealing and good. As they help in killing the negative energies.
  2. No clutter allowed: Avoid clutter in your house because in Vaastu it is called as a stuck up energy. So much clutter in a house make the inmates of that house restless. This is so bad if you are not relaxed in your own home. So avoid it. Get all the things systemized.
  3. Light in each corner: If you use light only in those rooms which are working in the evening time, then it's not right. Vaastu recommends that every room and each corner must be lighted once, in the evening. Darkness is a symbol of destructive powers. Vaastu also recommends that northeast and last corner must be kept lighted every time.
  4. Avoid smells: Smell directly affects mind as they form of negative energy. One should avoid it. Use incense and oils of flowers in your house. This will help you to kill the negative energy.
  5. Don't keep dead things in your house: Broken wall clock and other electronic/mechanical things should be repaired before it affects your vaastu. You can give them away to someone who can make better use of those things. According to Vaastu consultants in India, such kind of dead things increases inactivity and negativity in the family members in the house.
  6. Toilet and kitchen with Vaastu Shastra only: This tip is for those who are going to start a new construction. Kitchen and toilet must not be points of the subtle energies. Kitchen uses fire component which burns all the optimistic energy. Create such sensitive parts of home, after checking with any Vaastu expert.

Qualities of Vaastu Consultant in India
The basic quality of the right Vastu Consultant is the insight vision, practical knowledge, intuitive and a sound state of mind. This is essential to assimilate, understand and interpret the observations, diagnose the deep rooted problem and give practical yet effective recommendations with relevance to modern times and expert Vaastu Consultants in India are blessed with all these qualities.

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