Mumbai: The Home Buyer's Preferred Destination

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Mumbai Property

On the Western coast of India lies the city of Mumbai. Popularly known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is witness to lakhs of professionals vigorously chasing their dreams and aspirations. These professionals are the primary reason which drives the Real Estate Sector of Mumbai towards its fast growth and profitability. For many such professionals and business-class people as well, Buying Home in Mumbai is an investment which is always profitable. There are also reasons apart from the profitability which make Mumbai the dream destination of the Home Buyer. It is an oft-heard remark that homes and properties in Mumbai have prices which cannot be afforded by the common man. However, this is not true about all the places in Mumbai. Homes in the developing areas of Mumbai can be bought at affordable prices. The fast rate at which Mumbai develops ensures that these areas get developed in no time. If the budget allows it, then there is profit in Buying Homes even in the developed areas. The value of the property doubles up in no time as the prices skyrocket.

Region-Wise Property Rates

In Eastern Mumbai, the property rates start from a very affordable Rs. 1200 per square feet approximately at areas like Karjat & Badlapur and can go as high as Rs. 29900 in areas like Dadar. The scene in Navi Mumbai is a tad different as the rates do not vary to a great degree. Buying Property in Airoli and nearby areas will cost around Rs. 4000 while Panvel Properties will set you back by over Rs. 6000 at present. Property rates touch higher when you go for buying homes in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai and the scene is more or less the same for South Mumbai.

So Many Choices!

If the Home is for personal use, one near the workplace can be easily found. The Real Estate of Mumbai is a fully developed market and the different types of homes that are available, provide ample options to the Home Buyers. Even if the Home is to be rented out or re-sold, it is also viable option in the Real Estate of Mumbai. Due to the growing population of Mumbai and the influx of professionals from different fields, renting out or leasing out of the property can be easily done. The Real Estate of Mumbai saw the opportunity of foreign currencies when professionals from abroad landed up in Mumbai. It promptly presented Furnished Homes in the style of American households and made use of the opportunity. Buying a Home in Mumbai is one of the safest investments, as Mumbai's fast growth and development and the rising population ensures that the rates of properties keep rising. This is why the Home Buyers prefer Mumbai for their investment.

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    14 December, 2012 at 6:39 am

    Mumbai is a one of the well developed city which is developed fast and The improvement in the infrastructures of Mumbai is another reason for the demand in residential properties in Mumbai. Mumbai is famous for its entertainment business, education and job opportunities, many outsiders come here for a better living. for residential projects Mumbai is famous.

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  • Admin


    05 November, 2012 at 4:52 am

    yes i too agree with that statement. I have been here in mumbai since past 6 1/2 years and i have a dream of buying property in Mumbai. Buying property in south mumbai is very difficult as prices are exceptionally high but not in the outskirts of mumbai. I am basically planning to get one home anywhere in outskirts as an investment. Later on i can think of some other options as well. It pretty amazing to see Lodha casa rio 1bhk in dombivali started at 14lakh in the year 2010 and now its 31 lakh. So making an investment in mumbai is the best option available to you .

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  • Admin


    25 October, 2012 at 4:17 am

    Though I agree that buying property in Mumbai are anywhere in developing cities is a a crucial investment, I have to say that Mumbai's infrastructure is struggling to cope up with the growth. In spite of all the big budget infrastructure development work, the delays in project completion and escalated costs ensure that by the time it is set up, the city is more crowded. Due to this people are looking more to the suburbs like Thane and Navi Mumbai. Thane has more become the preferred destination due to availability of open spaces, greenery and modern amenties with excellent connectivity to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

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    hurricane proof windows

    04 October, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Agree with your words"Buying a home in mumbai is one of the safest investments"...I want to buy house in mumbai and i want full protected house against storms,hurricanes..So please suggest me the best house and thanks for the above information

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