Noida Apartment Owners To Get Individual Power Connections

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Those residing in the high-rise societies in Noida have a reason to cheer. The Uttar Pradesh government has finally decided to provide individual power connections to the apartment owners directly to their homes. Contrary to the earlier electricity system where the builder would levy an extra tariff on the electricity supplied in each apartment, the apartment owners can now get individual connection of electricity. The Urban Housing Minister, Mr. Suresh Khanna made this announcement in a recent meeting. The council went through the plea and complaints of the apartment owners in high-rise complexes in Noida and came up with this decision. The owners had claimed for individual power connections as they felt harassed by the inflated tariff imposed by the builders. Many apartment owners even complained that even after paying the electricity bill to the builder, they had to face electricity disconnection as the builder did not forward the bill payment to the electricity department.

The Present Electricity System
In the present system, the builder or developer of the society is getting the power connections for the apartment complex by the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) or Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (PVVNL). The connection is issued in the name of the builder or developer of the complex. The apartment owners, despite having the property in Noida in their name, do not have individual power connections for their apartments. They are imposed with inflated electricity tariff by the builder who takes his/her commission from the bill as well. Once they have collected the payment from all the apartment owners, they directly pay the bill to the power supplier. Many unscrupulous builders fail to make the electricity bill payment even after collecting the sum from the owners, which results in the electricity supply being cut-off for long times.

The Plea Of The Apartment Owners In Noida
The apartment owners feel that the builders have been cheating on them for a long time and it is time they get individual power connection for their apartment in Noida. They have to pay penalty many times for the delay caused by the builder in paying the electricity bills. In worst case scenario, like that faced by the projects of Amrapali Group in Noida, the apartment owners had to live in the dark as the electricity supply was disconnected by the power supplier because the builder failed to pay the outstanding electricity bill.

The apartment owners in the city feel that individual power connection would give them the freedom to pay the electricity bill as per their consumption. They do not want to be imposed with the inflated tariff by the builder. Individual electricity connection would ensure that the owners of an apartment property in Noida can pay the basic tariff imposed by the power supplier as per their consumption. They can pay their individual bill as and when required and those who do not pay the bill would suffer the consequences themselves.

The Government’s Decision
The Uttar Pradesh government has paid heed to the plea and complaints filed by the apartment owners in Noida. Mr. Suresh Khanna, the Urban Housing Minister, has made the decision to provide individual connections to the apartment owners. He said, “There are multiple issues faced by the apartment owners in complexes, as there are complaints that the builder has been harassing consumers by overcharging. There are complaints of some builders collecting electricity bill from apartment owners, but not paying the UP power corporation limited, thereby resulting in disconnection of supply. Therefore, on the demand of apartment owners, we have decided to ensure that they get separate electricity connection for their respective flats. We will work to overcome legal hurdles and make that happen.”

The government is working out this decision with the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) to draft a plan for supplying electricity to the apartments. The power corporation has given a green flag to the decision and agreed on providing individual connections to the apartments in the high rise housing societies in Noida. Rakesh Rana, Superintendent Engineer at UPPCL Noida said, “We can provide separate electricity connection to an apartment owner in old or new apartment complex without any problems. The builder or residents’ welfare association (RWAs) should provide us with the required infrastructure such as panel, wire and transformer, etc., in the building. It can happen easily and the builder can obtain a separate connection for common areas.”

The apartment owners can now breathe a sigh of relief as the government seems to have taken action to resolve their complaints of the unscrupulous activities of the builders. By getting an individual connection, the homeowners in Noida’s high rise societies can pay the bill as per the basic tariff and consumption.

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