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Simple Tips To Make Your Living Room Vastu Shastra Compliant

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A living room is counted among the main rooms in a house and is the place where all family members come together to spend some quality time with each other. This room should ooze of positivity and comfort to ensure the family members are always tied together in a bond of love and feel belongingness for each other. In fact, the guests also assemble together in this room itself and it is important that they have all positive feelings for the hosts. This is where Vastu Shastra comes in. A Vastu Shastra compliant living room would ensure there is harmony in the family and even the guests who visit. While consulting Vastu Shastra Consultant for ensuring the living room is in the right terms with the energies around, there are some simple tips that anyone can follow.

Understanding The Directions:

The direction in any property plays a key role in its Vastu compliance. Whether it is about the placement of the living room in the home or what to place in different directions in the living room, the directions should always be kept in mind to ensure it has all that positivity and homely feel that a living room should have. These are some of the main directions that should be considered for a living room:

  • Northeast Direction: A living room in the northeast would bring mental bliss. The northeast direction of a living room should contain a water fountain as it stores all the positive energy of the room.
  • Northwest Direction: As a quadrant indicating movement, living room in the northwest direction would mean that the guests wouldn’t be staying for long.
  • Southwest Direction: This quadrant that the attracting energy and a living room here would mean you’d have a number of guests visiting and staying at your home.
  • East Direction: In a living room, the head or the members of the family should sit facing this direction. To ensure the same, having a television in this direction is advised.
  • West Direction: The sitting system for the guests should be such that when they sit, their face is towards the west direction.

Simple Vastu Shastra Tips To Keep In Mind

Once we have crossed out the directions, a living room is all about the things that the living room homes. Here’s a look at the different things you’d find in a living room and how their placement or slight changes in them can affect your living room’s Vastu Shastra and fill it with positivity.

  • Furniture: The furniture is the main item that sets the entire look of the living room. To make a living room Vastu Shastra friendly, it is advised to avoid circular furniture and pick one that is square or rectangular in shape. Recliners symbolize relaxation and hence are a good fit for your living room.
  • Television: Another main unit that makes a living room a living room is your television. The TV should be placed in the southeast corner as other two directions, i.e., southwest corner would mean the TV might break down and northwest corner would mean wasting too much time. The living room should be a space where the family comes together and talk so TV should be in the southeast only.
  • Lighting: To set a cozy vibe for the home, it is advised to have lights that have a soothing and relaxing glow. Too bright lights should be avoided. However, each corner of the living room should be well-lit and there should be enough room for sunlight to invite positive energy in the room.
  • Paintings: Paintings and portraits of beautiful scenery and Gods can be hanged on the wall in the northeast direction. The murals of gods and other beautiful things can also be placed on a corner table in this corner. Negative images or portraits or decorative items should be avoided from a living room.

While these are some of the top Vastu Shastra tips that can help in bringing positivity in your living room, there are many other tips that can be followed to make the living room Vastu Shastra compliant. A living room should always encourage people to come together and spend some happy moments together, and by following the aforementioned Vastu tips, one can ensure the same.

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