Top Tips For A Vaastu Shastra Compliant Home

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Top Tips For A Vaastu Shastra Compliant Home

Always keep them clean, let them shine & glow. Dirty doors and windows, obstruct the money flow,”… goes one of the many tips for a Vaastu Shastra compliant home.

Vaastu Shastra is the science of designing home in a manner that all the energies are balanced to bring peace, luck, and happiness in the family. Vaastu Shastra makes your home auspicious and brings success, good health, wealth and prosperity in your home and life. A vastu-friendly home protects you and your family from all the negative energies and improves your holistic well-being.

Vaastu Shastra compliance in your home is indispensable to surround it with all the positive energies and lock out the negativity. To help you get all the positivity of a Vaastu compliant home, we have compiled a list of the top Vaastu Shastra tips. So just read on…

Mind The Directions
Choosing the right location of the various rooms in the house is a must to make it Vaastu-friendly. Different directions bring in different types of energies and so their location must be chosen carefully.

  • Bedroom: For the newlywed couples, the bedroom should be facing the North-West direction as it is governed by the Deity Vaayu. Students and unmarried children should have their bedroom facing the West and the East direction respectively. The North facing bedroom is ideal for all other people. A South-East or North-East facing bedroom should be avoided to keep negative energies at bay.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen should be constructed in the South-East facing direction as it is governed by the ‘Agni’ Deity. As an alternative, North-East direction can also be used for the kitchen construction. Make sure the kitchen door is never facing the bathroom door.
  • Toilets: The ideal location for the construction of toilets in the house can be anywhere in the Eastern portion, North-East being the best. This would protect the members of the house from any serious health-related problems.
  • Pooja Room: First things first, every house should have a dedicated pooja space for worshipping. North-East direction is the best for the pooja room. It should be constructed in a manner where the person worshipping should face the North or the East direction only.
  • Entrance: Both East and North can be considered ideal direction for the entrance of the house. This would block the negative energies from entering the house and would bring in light and positive energy only.

Ban Medicines From The Kitchen
Medicines symbolize disease and illness while the kitchen is a place where the health and wellness of your family resides. Any type of medicines should be banned from entering the kitchen to safeguard it of any health evil. This would protect your family from serious health issues in the long run.

No Mirrors In The Bedroom
Bedrooms are supposed to be a place where you can have a sound and peaceful sleep. Keeping mirrors in the bedroom advocates otherwise. Mirrors in the bedroom not only hamper the sleep but can even lead to health issues and family conflicts. If there still are any mirrors like the dressing table, cover them at night before going to bed.

Avoid Any Overhead Beam
Overhead beams should be avoided at all costs in any room, especially bedroom. They not just hamper with the health of the family members, but can also cause depression, sleeplessness, exhaustion, discomfort, stress, and discomfort. Having overhead beams anywhere in the house also presses down the luck. Wooden pyramids or copper swastika pyramids should be fixed on both sides of the beams to neutralize the negative energy.

Add Harmony With Wind Chimes
Wind chimes are not only a treat to the ears but are also an important tool in neutralizing the negative energy of the house. The harmonious chiming of the bells spurs the inflow of positive energy in the house.

Plant Vaastu-Friendly Seeds
The plants you keep in your home can improve the Vaastu and also bring in positive energy. The plants that produce milk should be avoided from being placed inside the house. Moreover, plants like money plant, peace lily, bamboo, and bonsai are termed as Vaastu-friendly and should be planted in the house.

Keep a Bowl Of Rock Salt
Rock salt is known for its quality to absorb and clean away all the negative energies for the house. Keeping a bowl of rock salt in the corners of different rooms can help in absorbing the negative energies and make you feel light and fresh. Moreover, you can also clean your house with rock salt water to bring in the positive energy.

The Vaastu Shastra tips shared above can bring forth a positive change in the air around your home. Just few small changes in home-vaastu can bring big positive results. Moreover you can get professional Vaastu Shastra services from Top Vaastu Shastra Consultants for an in-depth analysis of your house and solution for any Vaastu defects.

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    03 February, 2021 at 7:06 pm

    As suggested in the tip the direction of toilet in north east is wrong

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    Aman Verma

    31 August, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Vastu Shastra may not be fundamental for living, but rather it is profoundly suggested for a superior and more advantageous life. It is a demonstrated and all around watched science which controls the powers of natures to work for us. highly appreciated.

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    Sarvesh Verma

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    According to my knowledge, Vastu computes the level of precipitation, wind, sunrise and sunset to recognize the perfect method to build a house. This is an essential angle. Much obliged!

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