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Vastu-Related Things To Check Before Choosing A New Apartment

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Vastu Shastra is the Indian science of architecture that eliminates any signs of negativity and promotes harmony and prosperity in the house. When choosing an apartment, whether for buying or renting, there are a few aspects of Vastu Shastra that you should consider to maintain positive energy in the home. Ensuring Vastu compliance would mean a harmonious atmosphere where the energy of building is in complete tune with the five elements of Mother Nature. While a basic mantra for Vastu friendly home states that the Panchtattava should be in place- air in the East, water in the North, earth in the South-West, fire in the South, and space in the West. However, that’s not all; there are some other Vastu-related things to check before choosing a new apartment. Keep reading to know more:

Mind The Directions
When it comes to choosing a new apartment in India, directions should come on first priority to ensure Vastu-compliance. Here are some of the rooms of the apartment whose direction you can check for your home’s Vastu satisfaction.

  • Entryway: The entry to any home is the first thing to check as it is the doorway to the energies. The North and North-East directions are considered auspicious for the entryway as these directions welcome positive energy. Entry to the West or South direction should be avoided as it might bring health-related problems inside the house and family.
  • Bedroom: Bedroom is where you would sleep and relax so it is important that it promises a no-stress zone for your mind. Having the master bedroom in the South-West direction can help solve a number of stress and tension-related issues. The placement of beds in the room should be such that the head is in the South direction and never in the North. No beam should be there directly above the head.  
  • Kid's Bedroom: The bedroom where the kids would sleep in the apartment is also an important place as the vibe of the room affects their health, mind, and attention span as well. Ensure that this room is present in the North-West corner of the apartment.
  • Living Room: Another important room where the entire family spends most of its time together is in the living room. It should always have a positive vibe and hence, be in the north direction for that. A Vastu compliant living room nurtures stronger bond and invites more positive friendships and relations in the home.   
  • Washrooms: The North-West, North-East East or the East directions are most suited for bathrooms and toilets in any new apartment. Ventilation in the bathroom should also be appropriate and there should be enough natural light entering the washrooms. The door of the bathroom should never face the kitchen or the dining room area.
  • Kitchen: Another important aspect of any house is the kitchen as a lot of energies are released in this space. To make sure that the kitchen is in the perfect direction according to Vastu Shastra, it should be in the South-West or the North-West corner of the apartment. Moreover, it should also be checked that the cooktop slab should be positioned such that the person cooking there would face the North or the East direction.

Shape of Apartment Matters
When buying an apartment, it is imperative to consider the shape of the apartment as well for better balancing of the energies that prevail there. An ideal apartment is one that is shaped in the form of a square or a rectangle. Irregularly shaped apartments or apartments that are shaped in hexagon, pentagon, or have many other corners pointing out from different directions invite negative energies.  While it is easy to identify the shape of a land or plot, identifying the shape of an apartment requires a bit of work. One should consider the terrace or get assistance from a Vastu consultant in India to get the precise shape of the apartment.

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Check The Surroundings
What’s around the apartment is also a determining factor in the energies that reside in it. A good apartment is one that is surrounded with open space, little bit of greenery, and open space to let natural light in. However, one should ensure some things are not present in surrounding of the house to avoid negativity. Any pond or pools in the society, where the apartment is, should not be present in the West or South direction from the flat. If there is any water body, it could be in the East or North direction only.

These are some of the important factors that one should consider when choosing an apartment in India. A Vastu-compliant apartment would definitely balance all the five natural elements and make your home a more stress-free zone where health, wealth, and success would follow.

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    Vastu is the major thing before buying any property. Check vastu tips before choose apartment that will be all about you happy living at your home and keep continue these kind of blogs and thank you for the informative blog.

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