Indian Real Estate: The Ultimate Destination for Investors

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Real estate in India is at a burgeoning stage with appropriate growth and paramount profit hence making it one of the fastest growing economies and the top most choice for the foreign investors in the international market. Even the crucial crisis in Dubai which affected many well established economies could not affect Indian real estate which suffered only minimal damages, proved by a35 to 40% jump in real estate sector which will continue to increase in the upcoming years. Here through this article, property secrets will be revealed which makes India a prime destination for both domestic and foreign investors in very small interval of time.

Reasons Why India Is the Prime Place for Investors:

  • Booming Economy: With GDP ratio of 7.4 %India is one of the leading economies in Asia after China, which makes India the finest choice for real estate investment. During the extensive period of recession, the real estate sector in India was majorly affected, as now the worst time is over, so the real estate sector is back on its track. After sighting rapid growth, Indian government allowed 100% of FDI in real estate sector for projects related to housing, hotels, resorts, commercial premises, hospitals etc. in order to attract higher investments.
  • Special Offers by Government: Later seeing extensive investment and development in real estate sector, the Government of India directed Reserve bank to allow easier access of bank loans for properties. Not only this; SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) also announced that foreign companies can regulate mutual funds in India i.e. they can invest directly and indirectly without any difficulties.
  • Inexpensive Properties: Buying a property in India is very cheap. The main reason behind this is the fast pace of development and construction in real estate sector of the country, which resulted in low prices. Low rates of interest on real estate loans by Public and Private Banks are also one of the main reasons for the low prices of the real estate properties.
  • Industrial Sector: With the presence of various reputed foreign and domestic companies which are doing profitable business in the Indian market, more and more companies from abroad are looking at Indian real estate as an excellent investment potential. This has resulted in the creation of more jobs and new working space for offices, which can be seen in many metropolitan cites like Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Chennai.
  • Recovery and Profit: The construction of various residential properties, commercial premises, educational institutions, recreational facilities etc. has generated competition among the real estate companies, resulting in cheap rates of the properties. Buying a cheap property in India and selling it at higher rate always recovers your investment and provides you with decent profit.

Because of these reasons, Indian real estate sector is experiencing golden and prosperous days making it favorite destination for real estate development and investment around the world. The coming years will see more expansion in this sector, providing maximum profits to the investors. For any concern, visitors; Residential Projects in India

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