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  • 3 Crores to 4 Crores Flats/Apartments for Sale in Nashik

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What is being frequently asked by users about Nashik these days?
  1. In which projects, I can find affordable Flats/Apartments in Nashik?

    The projects like Blaize, La Regalia, Thakkers Eva Luxuria, Blue Bells etc., have good options in the affordable 3 BHK Flats/Apartments segment of Nashik.

  2. Are Flats/Apartments, available with Maintenance Staff in Nashik?

    As much as 0+ Flats/Apartments available with Maintenance Staff in Nashik.

  3. How many owner Flats/Apartments are still available for sale in Nashik?

    297+ owner Flats/Apartments are available in Nashik. Buying directly from an owner could help you save money, as there no involvement of the builder or agent.

  4. What type of Flats/Apartments Available in Nashik?

    You get options like 1/2/3/4/5 BHK for Flats/Apartments in Nashik.

  5. What is the Size Range of Available Flats/Apartments in Nashik?

    In Nashik, the size of available Flats/Apartments ranges from 336 Sq. ft. to 7260 Sq. ft.

  6. Prices of Flats/Apartments in Nashik Start from?

    The Flats/Apartments options start from 12 K in Nashik.