Commercial Projects in Kochi

Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, has been entitled as one of the fastest growing Tier-II metro cities in India. The investment in Kochi’s commercial real estate sector has seen a tremendous increase in the past few years with GDP growth rate of 8.3%. A number of commercial projects have already been set up in Kochi to cater the business needs of sectors like information technology (IT), manufacturing, chemical industries, seafood and spices exports, transportation/shipping, construction, health services, shipbuilding, tourism, and banking. Apart from the major business heads and corporations, many small businesses, shopping malls, brand outlets, complexes, info parks and other things have also been set up in Kochi to enable easy flow of economy in this financial capital of Kerala.

A number of commercial projects like Baani Mega Mall and World Trade Center have been set up here to help people find real estate projects in Kochi easily. These commercial projects in Kochi are laced with state of the art technology, infrastructure and interior to ensure that all the business needs of the present business generation are met. Not only are these projects situated in the prime locations to offer easy accessibility, their prices are also friendly for everybody’s budget.