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    600 Sq.ft. Residential Plot for Sale in Bali, Pali
    9 Photos

    Posted : 25 May, 2023

    • Plot / Land Area 600 sq.ft
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    960 Sq.ft. Residential Plot for Sale in Sumerpur Pali

    Posted : 26 Apr, 2023

    • Plot / Land Area 960 sq.ft
    This property Prime location near to main market,bus stand, hospital,garden. Price should be negotiable. I have 2 more land / plot near this property.if anyone interest in 3 land / plot area 2880, we will negotiable price.
    Owner : Pravin Kumawat

    Posted : 03 Dec, 2022

    • Plot / Land Area 1000 sq.ft
    near railway coridor and main locatinon chip and best location and nice valuable land / plot in future
    Owner : Chetan Chouhan
    111 Sq. Yards Residential Plot for Sale in Sumerpur Pali
    5 Photos
    • Plot / Land Area 999 sq.ft (111 Sq. Yards)
    This property is situated on main pali to sirohi 264 feet highway this is residential pattasuda land / plot colony with all nessasory facilities ( 1-electricity 2-security gourd 3-gardan 4-boudry wall of colony 5-pipe line both side of colony 6- easy connectivity to summer pur market
    6 Bigha Residential Plot for Sale in Bali, Pali
    • Built Up Area 104712 sq.ft (6 Bigha)
    Residential land / plot for Sell in . This property has a salable area of 6 Bigha and is available at a price of Rs. 15,00,000 in the prime locality of at Pali
    • Plot / Land Area 2000 sq.ft
    2000 Sq.ft. Residential land / plot for Sale in Sumerpur Pali, Pali
    124483 Sq. Meter Residential Plot for Sale in Sardar Samand Road, Pali
    • Plot / Land Area 1339437 sq.ft (124483 Sq. Meter)
    A Non-developed residential land on Sardar Samand Road. More than new 400 houses,commercial areas,parks and club houses can be constructed. The land / plotting has been done by us, which can used for reference. 4 whole new gated society can be constructed.
    Owner : Ayush Tahiliani
    • Built Up Area 1000 sq.ft
    1000 sq feet land / plot with neev and water tank constructed.Bherav nagar Falna - Bali ke bich
    Owner : Dr KAVISH MATHUR
    1200 Sq.ft. Residential Plot for Sale in Sardar Samand Road, Pali
    7 Photos
    • Plot / Land Area 1200 sq.ft
    Before I tell you about the price of the property and its construction, you first need to know the history of the land / plot, so I will first tell you the history of the land / plot. The land / plot on which this house is built was in the name of my mother. My mother told me that this land / plot is lucky, there is a huge treasure in the middle of its north and south direction on which a snake is sitting and guarding it. I want that treasure to be given to its rightful owner. Therefore, you should get this land / plot after I die so that when you dig the foundation of the house, you will get that treasure. This was confirmed by the neighbor living in my neighborhood, where he has seen in a dream that the treasure is buried in your land / plot. I have been hearing these things since childhood. When my mother died, I decided to build a house for my stay on this land / plot, and I built it. I made a map of two-storey house for this, but due to lack of money, I got only one storey built. I dug the foundation for my house, but I could not find anything. Then I remembered the talk of my mother, that the treasure that is there, it will be given to its real heir. I do not know who his real heir is. Thinking of this, I started feeling depressed and I decided to sale this house. It is possible that whoever is the rightful heir of that treasure gets this house. I have started feeling that I am not the rightful heir to that treasure. So I want to sale this house now. About The Home - The size of my land / plot is 30x40 fit. There are 9 feet wide parking on this land / plot, which is about 20 feet long. It has two bedrooms. A bedroom is attached to the latbath. Which I am still using as my office. A latebath is built in the back gallery. I have tried my best to build the house completely according to Vastu Shastra. There is marble on the floor of the house. There are wooden doors. At the main gate there are 9 feet of wide iron gates and strong gates. On the outside, balconies have been made in place of the out
    Owner : K K Rathore
    • Built Up Area 802 sq.ft
    Fully developed area with all facility nearby .
    Owner : Sunil sharma
    • Built Up Area 1000 sq.ft
    We have two land / land / plots. One is 1000 sq feet and 2nd is almost 1750 sq feet. Both are for sale, If the right value available.
    Owner : Pushpendra Singh
    • Plot / Land Area 1500 sq.ft
    • Facing South Face
    Residential land / plot For Sale In Shiv Hari Vihar, Pali, Rajasthan. land / plot Area - 1500 Sq.Ft, New Property, South Facing, Amount - 4 Lac. call for more details
    1200 Sq.ft. Residential Plot for Sale in Sojat Road, Pali
    2 Photos
    • Plot / Land Area 1200 sq.ft
    Residential land / plot for Sale in Sojat Road, Pali
    • Plot / Land Area 21000 sq.ft
    The property is located on the main road of the city of Rani and kanpura road near the main market and taisil
    • Plot / Land Area 1200 sq.ft
    1200,1500and 1000sq ft residential land / plot on jawai bandh road near Shree Mahavir hospital Sumerpur pali
    Owner : Rajat surana
    • Plot / Land Area 1000 sq.ft
    This property is good location Near marwar jn Railway Station
    Owner : Manmohan Singh
    • Built Up Area 5000 sq.ft
    It is located in sumeepur....prinium N.A land / plot facing jawai river
    Owner : Kamlesh
    • Plot / Land Area 87120 sq.ft (5 Bigha)
    Available land for sale Prime location in bera to invest in property. The property will give a good value for your investment.
    Owner : Mohammed s bahti
    • Plot / Land Area 3360 sq.ft
    • Age of Property 3 Yrs
    Patta suda 40*84, residential, commercial land / plot for sell
    20000 Sq.ft. Residential Plot for Sale in Kherwa Road, Pali
    3 Photos
    • Built Up Area 20000 sq.ft
    • Facing North East Face
    20000 sqft Corner land / plot on Jodhpur Road in Pali city. 110ft front on Jodhpur Road and 146ft front on adjacent 70ft wide Ramdeo Road. Ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Flats. Address: Sai Circle, Near Old Housing board, Jodhpur Road, Pali, Raj.
    Owner : Abhinav Arora
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FAQ: By buyers about Residential Land / Plots for Sale in Pali

  1. Q1. Is buying a residential plot in Pali a good investment ?

    The residential plots in Pali are available with good infrastructure and have a better value than other property options. As the residential lands in Pali have a good appreciation rate, buying a residential plot in this city is a great money-saving investment that will guarantee higher returns in the future.

  2. Q2. How many residential plots/lands for sale are available in Pali ?

    In Pali, there is an abundance of residential plots and lands available for sale, offering a wide array of options for prospective buyers. Currently, there are over 70 residential plots and lands available for sale in Pali, ensuring that individuals with varying preferences and budgets can find their ideal property.

  3. Q3. Can I find the best plot for sale in Pali between 11-20 lakhs ?

    Looking for the perfect plot for sale in Pali within a budget of 11 to 20 lakhs? We've got you covered! Best residential plots in Pali between 11 to 20 lakhs price range.

  4. Q4. Can I find the plot/land for sale in Pali between 21-30 lakhs ?

    Yes, you can find plot/land for sale in Pali specifically between the price range of 21-30 lakhs. If you are interested in exploring such options, you can go through the given link and access the whole listing of plots/land in Pali between 21 to 30 lakhs.

  5. Q5. How many plots in Pali for sale between 31-40 lakhs price range ?

    Curious about the number of plots available for sale in Pali between the range of 31-40 lakhs? We have the answer for you! Click here to access a comprehensive list of plot and land in Pali between 31 to 40 lakhs.

  6. Q6. Which are the favourable areas in Pali for purchasing or leasing a residential property ?

    Pali, offers several great locations to buy or rent a house. Here are some of the top choices :
    1. Plots in Sumerpur Pali
    2. Affordable plots in Sardar Samand Road, Pali
    3. Residentials plots in Marwar Junction, Pali
    4. Plots in Shiv Hari Vihar, Pali
    5. Best Affordable plots in Bali, Pali
    6. Residential lands in Kherwa Road, Pali
    7. Plots for sale in Sarvoday Nagar, Pali

  7. Q7. Which are some cost-effective areas in Pali for buying or renting a residential property ?

    If you're looking for affordable locations in Pali to purchase or lease a residential property, there are a few options worth considering.
    Jaitaran, Pali
    Rani, Pali,
    Additionally, areas like
    Sojat Road, Pali
    Phalna, Pali
    These locations in Pali provide opportunities for budget-conscious individuals or families to find suitable homes without straining their finances.

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