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  • The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd

    Bank of Rajasthan, with its stronghold in the state of Rajasthan, has a nationwide presence, serving its customers with a mission of " together we prosper " engaging actively in Commercial Banking, Merchant Banking, Auxiliary services, Consumer Banking, Deposit & Money Placement services, Trust & Custodial services, International Banking, Priority Sector Banking, Depository.

    Bank of Rajasthan, a leading Private Sector Bank, having branches all over India with prominent presence in Rajasthan having specialised forex and Industrial finance branches.

    Apna Ghar Scheme.

    Housing Finance :-

    • It is provided to an individual singly/jointly for the purpose of construction of house/ purchase of ready built house/land / extension of existing house/ repair of house. The amount of finance depends upon the repayment capacity of the applicant.

    Eligibility :-

    • Any person/ group of persons, salaried/ self -employed / business class/ retired jointly with employed spouse or son having regular income and capacity to repay installments of proposed housing loan.

    Purpose :-

    • - Purchase of ready built House/Flat, Land and construction thereon
      - Repairs and Renovation
      - Shifting / take over of loan. (Take over of loans availed from other financial Institutions)

    Quantum of Loan :-

    • - For Purchase of ready built House/Flat, Land and construction thereon. :- Maximum Rs.100.00 lacs.
      - For Repair and Renovation - Maximum Rs.10.00 lacs.


    • 15% in case of purchase of house, flat, land and construction thereon etc. and repairs and renovation.

    Repayment Period:-

    • Maximum 20 years in case of purchase/construction of house/flat/apartment inclusive of moratorium period.
      Maximum 9 years in case of repairs and renovations.


    • Equitable Mortgage of property to be purchased out of loan.
      Bappi Patta (original) along with fee deposit receipt at Gram Panchayat will be acceptable as security for loan

    Processing Charges:-

    • - Loans up to Rs. 2.00 lacs - 0.50% of sanctioned loan amount
      - Loans above Rs. 2.00 lacs - 1.00% of sanctioned loan amount.

    Foreclosure Charges :-

    • Charges 2% of prepaid amount at the time of premature closure of account. However, prepayment up to six installments will not attract foreclosure charges. In other words, if a/c is prematurely closed when last not more than six installments are outstanding, the foreclosure charges will not be levied.

    Rate of Interest :-

    Float Interest Rate 11.75%
    Float Loan Eligibility 16 to 23
    Tenure 20
    Processing Fee upto Rs 2 lacs: 0.50% of loan amount, loans above Rs 2 lacs : 1% of loan amount
    Prepayment Charges 2% of outstanding amount
    Charge for Changing Fixed to Floating 1%
    Charge for Changing Floating to Fixed 1%
    Late Payment Charges Rs 250- Rs 350

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