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Property in Chandigarh : an overview

Chandigarh is the city of multi cultural peoples, languages and the city with full of artistic monuments and artistic people.The artistic performances occures almost every day in the city.There are No. of art galleries,museum and theatres in Chandigarh city. The surrounding districts are of Mohali, Patiala and Ropar in Punjab and Panchkula and Ambala in Haryana. The boundary of the state of Himachal Pradesh are not too far from its north. Chandigarh has a sub-tropical continental monsoon climate characterized by a seasonal rhythm: hot summers, slightly cold winters, unreliable rainfall and great variation in temperature (-1 °C to 41.2 °C). In winter, frost sometimes occurs during December and January. The average annual rainfall is 1110.7 mm. The city also receives occasional winter rains from the west.


The government is a major employer in Chandigarh with three governments having their base here. A significant percentage of Chandigarh’s population therefore consists of people who are either working for one of these governments or have retired from government service. For this reason, Chandigarh is often called a “Pensioner’s Paradise”. There are about 15 medium to large industrial including two in the Public sector. In addition Chandigarh has over 2500 units are registered under small scale sector. The important industries are paper manufacturing, basic metals and alloys and machinery.


With the economy the way it stands today, more and more people are finding it is a buyer’s open real estate market in Chandigarh ;when looking to purchase first homes as well as additional investment homes. These days Home loans are available from numerous types of lenders. These lenders vary from your commercial downtown banks, mortgage companies to even your own local credit unions. If you’re a first time buyer looking for a first time Home Loans, be sure to search different types of  Loan Lenders. The more Home Loan Lenders you seek out you will find, that they all will give you different quoted prices. It’s important to make sure that you don’t stop there making your contacts and we suggest that you even try your hand at contacting a Mortgage Broker.


Going Green is the latest trend among corporates. Green Building, as the concept is called, ensures environment protection, water conservation, energy efficiency, use of recycled products and renewable energy. A green building is one that is environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy place to live and work. Green buildings ensure that waste is minimised at every stage during the construction and operation of the building, resulting in low cost. In addition to making the business profitable, these activities lead to sustainable development and a healthy economy.

Property Market in Chandigarh
Chandigarh is among the fastest growing cities in India, and so does its property markets. With an year-on-year growth rate of 7.91 per cent since year 2000, the city has been positioned at number four among the fastest growing cities in India, in the recent report released by the International Institute for Environment and Development.Now that the local economy of Chandigarh is flourishing at a sustained pace, we can easily imagine the state of Chandigarh properties. More or less all the segments of real estate i.e. residential, retail, and commercial, are witnessing positive notions. Dozens of property deals are closed every week in the city. Again Chandigarh also gained a good reputation among NRIs for property investment.


Purchasing a property as a rental can prove to be one of the most important assets of an investor’s portfolio, but what kind of property is best for you? Most investors will tell you commercial properties are the best real estate to invest in because of their unique advantages. This is true, but there are some disadvantages as well that might deter some investors from commercial property.


What are the advantages of a commercial property versus a residential or an association? One aspect is the unique lease terms. These terms set commercial properties apart from the rest of the real estate properties. Typically, a normal rental lease is anywhere from three to five years minimum. Because the tenants are tied in for so long, a high amount of income is generated. This also implies that tenant turnover is relatively low. A lease can include an escalator clause, which states that the landlord can raise rent in the middle of a lease agreement in the event of higher inflation or other economic conditions stated in the clause. The lease can also include a portion stating the tenant must share a pro-rata share of certain expenses. This may include some maintenance expenses and property taxes. With that said, there is much less maintenance work involved for the landlord with commercial compared to a residential property.
Hospitals in Chandigarh

  • R.K. Hospital, SCO 154,Sector- 41 B, , , Chandigarh - 160041
  • Alchemist Hospital, Sector-21, Panchkula, Chandigarh - 160019
  • Hope Clinic & Maternity Centre Pvt Ltd, 1184, SECTOR 21-B, Chandigarh - 160036
  • YPS Hospital,Yps Road, Sector-70, Mohali Sas Nagar, Chandigarh - 160055
  • Viklrant Gupta Memorial Hospital, 223, Sector-15a, Sector-15, Chandigarh - 160015
  • Singla Hospital, 231, Sector-9, Panchkula, Chandigarh - 160019
  • Shivalika Hospital & Trauma Centre, 69, Mohali Sas Nagar, Chandigarh - 160055
  • Saket Hospital, Panchkula, Chandigarh - 160019
  • Saha Ortho Hospital, Hm-18, PH-2, Mohali, Chandigarh - 160055
  • S G Hospital, Sco-106, PH-9, Mohali Sas Nagar, Chandigarh - 160055

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  • Property Distribution

    • 45% - Apartments / Flats
    • 4% - Bunglow & Villas
    • 20% - Residential Plots
    • 10% - Builder Floor
    • 18% - Independent House

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