Commercial Projects in Faridabad

Faridabad, the largest city in the Northern state of Haryana, forms an important part of the Delhi National Capital Region. It has seen a tremendous development in terms of business and economy in the past decade. The city is presently divided into Old and New Faridabad, with the old being a hub of agriculture and industries and the new welcoming IT set-ups and corporate companies. Industrialization has flourished in the city and a number of industries have been set-up in the city to take the city’s commercial growth to the next level. There are many manufacturing industries, agricultural industries and other public and private industries in Faridabad that make it a prime location for setting up new business prospects.

Major builders like Meenal Housing, ABW Group, RPS Infrastructure Limited, SRS Real Estate, Vipul Limited, Piyush Group and BPTP Limited, are coming up with new commercial projects in the most strategic locations which would make it simpler to find real estate projects in Faridabad. Commercial projects in Faridabad like ABW Gateway Tower, RPS Infinia, Park Square, Business Park, RPS Oxypark, SRS Emerald Court, Priya Mall and The Next Door would offer intelligent workspace to the commercialists. They are the perfect space for shopping malls, shopping complexes, office space, anchor shops, retail shops, showrooms and much more.