Commercial Projects in Bathinda

Bathinda is regarded as one of the oldest and well-known cities of Punjab. Established in 1965 A.D. by a Bhatti Rajput King Bala Rao Bhatti, this city is a home to some oldest existing Gurudwaras. These Sikh shrines have been visited by devotees on a large scale and as a result, the footfall in the city of Bathinda is tremendous here. The real estate builders as well as the local inhabitants have rightly clutched the arrival of Sikh cum non-Sikh devotees to give a boost to the commercial activities.

Apart from several delivered commercial real estate projects in Bathinda, the under-construction retail shops, malls, complexes etc., are gradually inching closer to their completion in Bathinda. A majority of investors is inclining towards the under-construction shops and commercial plazas that can be utilized for selling and rental purposes in the near future. By making an investment in the commercial sector of Bhatinda this time, a prosperous future can be certainly assured.