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Varanasi, also known as Benaras or Kashi, is one of the oldest existing cities in the world. This city in Uttar Pradesh has been in existence for over 5,000 years now and has become a sacred place of pilgrimage for its historic significance. It is situated on the banks of River Ganga which makes it a holy site. Not just the pilgrims, Varanasi also attracts a number of businessmen from across the country for its amazing fabrics, sculptures, ivory works and perfumes industries. The city echoes the basic infrastructure with hints of the ultra-modern development. The city offers a sanctified environment and embraces anyone who comes here in search of inner peace or moksha.  
Infrastructure & Connectivity
Varanasi, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, boasts as one of the oldest and holiest cities in the world. The infrastructure of the city still reflects the old charm, with narrow lanes, steeps stairs and old tailored buildings. In terms of learning, Varanasi is one of the most reputed centers for education, whether it is the Benaras Hindu University or the Sampurnanad Sanskrit University, Varanasi is a site for superb learning. The city shows an amalgamation of old as well as new. There multi-modal terminal for cargo ships and the underground cabling for temples are some developments. The transportation system in Varanasi is also commendable. It is connected to different parts of the country by means of road, rail as well as air transportation.


The population of Varanasi was estimated to be at 1,435,113 as per the 2011 Indian census reports. This population comprised of 761,060 men and 674,053 women. The population of Varanasi was noted to be 1,371,749 around a decade back in the year 2001. The city had 883 females for every 1,000 males in that particular year. The literacy rate of the city was estimated to be 77%.


Life Style
As Varanasi is known to be one of the seven holiest cities of the world, the lifestyle of people largely revolves around spirituality and religious devoutness. The people of the city are more inclined towards performing the sacred rituals and other things. Apart from that, there are many learning institutes that attract students from the country as well as the world. In fact, the people of Varanasi can be seen wearing ‘gamchas’ around their necks, chewing the ‘Varanasi paan’ (betel leaves) and drinking the special ‘thandai’. The pace of Varanasi’s lifestyle is medium where we see people moving towards modernization taking their own time.


Key localities in Varanasi
Varanasi real estate
is developing at a medium pace and one can see an amalgamation of the old as well as the new structured buildings. While the old Benaras still echoes with the old charm of narrow lanes and ancient old-style buildings, the other part of Varanasi has developed over time. Many new localities have been formed that make Varanasi an ideal place to dwell. Here is a list of the key localities in Varanasi: Babatpur, Parao Ramnagar Road, Rohaniya, Kachhawa Road, Mirzamurad, Mahmoorganj, Shivpur, Rajatalab Bhikharipur Road, etc.


Real Estate Market
The builders of the city are instrumental in uplifting the face of the place. They play an important role in developing the city and taking its real estate to new heights. They come up with different types of real estate in Varanasi time and again. Banners by big builders stating “Varanasi Properties for Sale” and “Property for Sale in Varanasi” can be seen in every nook and corner of the city. The top builders of Varanasi are: Rudra Real Estate, Shine City, Surya Constructions, Rajmahal Builders, Winsome Developer Pvt Ltd, Yash Infrazone Pvt Ltd, Chandra Tower Pvt. Ltd, Dhairya Infratech and more.


Projects in Varanasi
There are a number of projects in Varanasi that add to the charms of this city. From affordable apartments and plots to luxurious villas and bungalows, Varanasi has all types of residential properties to satisfy the needs of a property seeker. In fact, there are many types of commercial properties like shops, shopping complexes, industrial space etc., available at affordable price in this holy city.
Govt Projects in Varanasi
A sum of INR 5,000 crore has been invested by PM Narendra Modi for the completion of various projects to transform Varanasi into a smart city. The city will have its Metro network by the end of 2020. Hi! Searching for Property? Let's Chat